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You Indie Feature: Darryl Robbins of the Motel Beds

Those of us who’ve grown up enjoying music in the Gem City have a lot to be proud of.  A lot of the bands we claim as “our own” have garnered attention nationally and internationally.  I’d even venture to say that the high caliber of Dayton’s “lesser sung” heroes would outshine even some of the [...]

No More Fake Label’s release GBV Tribute

Attendees of Record Store Day in Dayton, OH, got a preview of Sing For Your Meat: A Tribute To Guided By Voices, which dropped via No More Fake Labels this week.  It’s a full 17 track album with a bonus six song digital EP.  Check out some songs from it here: MP3: Cymbals Eat Guitars [...]

Motel Beds join No More Fake Labels roster

Dayton’s Motel Beds have joined the No More Fake Labels roster and are developing plans for a split single, and a full-length album for release later in the year.  Keep an eye peeled to one of their websites for the deets: Motel Beds On Facebook On Bandcamp

Flaming Lips cover GBV for tribute record

Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne tweeted, “Spent the morning recording some singing for Guided By Voices tribute record.” He also included a video of him singing an excerpt of GBV’s “Smothered in Hugs.” Other than that, all we know is that the tribute record will also feature contributions from Western Civ and the Breeders’ Kelley [...]