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You Indie Feature: Elliot Babin of Dad Punchers (and Touche Amore, DNF)

For someone who is essentially the backbone of one of the most celebrated hardcore bands going these days, Touche Amore drummer Elliot Babin isn’t quite what one would expect.  He is genuine, a little self-deprecating and completely without pretense — all qualities that make him a pleasure to speak with.  In fact, he’s quick to [...]

DNF, Hurt

DNF, Hurt, High Anxiety/No Idea Records During these strange times having a neck tattoo is as likely to say “I’m a vegan, let me read you a poem about my fixie,” as it is, “Don’t mess with me motherfucker!”  Playing intentionally brazen and caustic music seems somehow less dangerous too in a culture where modern [...]

DNF (Trash Talk, Touche Amore) ready Hurt, do show (2012)

California’s DNF are a hardcore outfit featuring members of Trash Talk and Touche Amore. Active since 2007, Hurt is the band’s first vinyl offering, and the latest in a handful of split releases from High Anxiety and No Idea Records. * High Anxiety is the new record label run by Chris Colohan (Burning Love, Cursed, [...]