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Amy Poehler signs book deal with HarperCollins

Amy Poehler, of “Parks and Recreation” and “Saturday Night Live” fame, is writing book. In doing so, she hopes to replicate the success of fellow SNL alumna Tina Fey, whose “Bossypants” became a publishing success. The book will be published by It Books, a HarperCollins imprint, in 2014. The news was reported by the Associated [...]

Katy Perry hosts SNL on September 25

Katy Perry, who released Teenage Dream on August 24 of this year, is set to take the ‘Saturday Night Live’ stage for the NBC show’s season premiere on Sept. 25, EW reports. The singer will be joined by host Amy Poehler, who starred on “SNL” for seven years, as well as four new cast members.