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Adam Rubenstein (Chamberlain) to release Excavator

Adam Rubenstein (Chamberlain) is set to release Excavator on April 26. The songs on Excavator offer a diverse, genre-jumping palette of ideas. Whereas the Beatles-esque “Playground” is a folksy ballad, there are also heartland rock’n’roll anthems like “I’ll Retrieve” and hypnotic, psych-leaning oddities like “Sunday Season.” Throughout, the musicianship retains the impeccable standards set by [...]

Adam Rubenstein (Chamberlain) readies solo record

While Adam Rubenstein is still working with Chamberlain on their forthcoming album, he is also currently working on his new solo record which is titled Excavator.  Arctic Rodeo has plans to release the music in spring 2013. In the meantime, visit him online: http://www.facebook.com/AdamRubensteinMusic – https://twitter.com/adamrubenstein