You Indie Feature: Photos of The Coathangers from The Wrecking Ball, Atlanta, Georgia, August 8, 2015

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Atlanta, Georgia’s beloved The Coathangers, who released their fourth full-length, Suck My Shirt, for Suicide Squeeze Records in 2014, performed at the first ever Wrecking Ball Music Festival in their hometown on the Music Park Stage on August 8.  The performance was a good, early warm up for the band’s forthcoming tour with Nobunny this fall (dates below). 

David Altherr captured the action.

Date City Venue
9/20 MILWAUKEE, WI Riverwest Public House ( w/ Pookie & The Poodlez)
9/22 CHICAGO, IL East Room ( w/ Pookie & The Poodlez)
9/23 INDIANAPOLIS, IN The Hi Fi ( w/ Pookie & The Poodlez)
9/24 NASHVILLE, TN The End ( w/ Pookie & The Poodlez)
9/26 MEMPHIS, TN Gonerfest 12
10/13 ST LOUIS, MO Off Broadway
10/14 LAWRENCE, KS Jackpot
10/15 DENVER, CO Larimer Lounge
10/16 SLC, UT Kilby Court
10/17 BOISE, ID The Watercooler
10/18 PORTLAND, OR Analog Cafe
10/19 VANCOUVER, BC Colbat
10/20 SEATTLE, WA Highline
10/22 OAKLAND, CA Leo’s
10/23 LOS ANGELES, CA The Echo
10/24 SANTA ANA, CA Beach Goth
10/26 SAN DIEGO, CA The Casbah
10/27 TUCSON, AZ Club Congress
10/28 PHOENIX, AZ Valley Bar (w/ the Coathangers)
10/30 AUSTIN, TX Sidewinder(w/ the Coathangers)
10/31 DALLAS, TX Pariah Arts
11/10 DETROIT, MI UFO Factory
11/11 TORONTO, ON Adelaide Hall
11/12 MONTREAL, QC Bar La Ritz
11/13 BOSTON, MA Middle East Upstairs
11/14 BROOKLYN, NY Palisades
11/15 PHILADELPHIA, PA Johnny Brendas
11/17 BALTIMORE, MD Ottobar
11/18 RALEIGH, NC Kings Barcade
11/19 ATLANTA, GA Drunken Unicorn
11/20 ST AUGUSTINE, FL Nobbys
11/21 MIAMI, FL Gramps
11/22 ORLANDO, FL Wills Pub
11/24 NEW ORLEANS, LA Siberia
11/25 BIRMINGHAM, AL Saturn
11/27 MEMPHIS, TN Murphys
11/28 SPRINGFIELD, MO Outland

You Indie Feature: Photos of Foundation from The Wrecking Ball, Atlanta, Georgia, August 9, 2015

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Foundation. the Atlanta hardcore band that announced their breakup earlier this year, performed twice at The Wrecking Ball Festival in Atlanta, Georgia,, first at an after party with Title Fight on August 8 and then mid-day on the Heaven Stage on August 9.  Fans of the band went bonkers, the band’s frontman told compelling stories about how hardcore and DIY culture impacted his life, and You Indie’s David Altherr captured the action.

You Indie Feature: Photos of Thrice from The Wrecking Ball, Atlanta, Georgia, August 9, 2015

Wrecking Ball 3 623 Wrecking Ball 3 624 Wrecking Ball 3 627 Wrecking Ball 3 628 Wrecking Ball 3 631 Wrecking Ball 3 632 Wrecking Ball 3 633 Wrecking Ball 3 634 Wrecking Ball 3 637 Wrecking Ball 3 638 Wrecking Ball 3 657 Wrecking Ball 3 658 Wrecking Ball 3 659 Wrecking Ball 3 681 Wrecking Ball 4 037 Wrecking Ball 4 038 Wrecking Ball 4 040 Wrecking Ball 4 042 Wrecking Ball 3 580 Wrecking Ball 3 581 Wrecking Ball 3 599 Wrecking Ball 3 619 Wrecking Ball 3 621 Wrecking Ball 3 622

Despite the brutal Georgia heat in August, fans were chomping at the bit for a rare appearance from California’s Thrice, who have been on hiatus as of late.  The band delighted fans as they performed on The Wrecking Ball Festivals Music Park Stage cuts from The Illusion of Safety, The Artist and the Ambulance, and Vheissu. Though I retired to the shade a few songs in, fingers are still crossed that the band will continue their reunion run well into the future.

David Altherr captured the action.

You Indie Feature: Photos of Glassjaw from The Wrecking Ball, Atlanta, Georgia, August 9, 2015

Wrecking Ball 3 461 Wrecking Ball 3 463 Wrecking Ball 3 464 Wrecking Ball 3 472 Wrecking Ball 3 481 Wrecking Ball 3 484 Wrecking Ball 3 525 Wrecking Ball 3 527 Wrecking Ball 3 528 Wrecking Ball 3 556 Wrecking Ball 3 561 Wrecking Ball 3 564 Wrecking Ball 3 406 Wrecking Ball 3 415 Wrecking Ball 3 417 Wrecking Ball 3 426 Wrecking Ball 3 427 Wrecking Ball 3 432 Wrecking Ball 3 433 Wrecking Ball 3 434 Wrecking Ball 3 436 Wrecking Ball 3 454 Wrecking Ball 3 455 Wrecking Ball 3 456 Wrecking Ball 3 457 Wrecking Ball 3 458 Wrecking Ball 3 459

Long Island, New York’s Glassjaw played made a rare appearance at The Wrecking Ball Festival in Atlanta, Georgia, on August 9. Playing the Heaven Stage, inside the venue, The Masquerade, was probably a rare logistical error for festival organizers as it led to a line down the stairs and out the door with security admitting patient fans only when another left the show.  The intensity is still there folks.

David Altherr captured the action.

You Indie Feature: Photos of The Descendents from The Wrecking Ball, Atlanta, Georgia, August 8, 2015

wrecking ball 105 wrecking ball 107 wrecking ball 113 wrecking ball 118 wrecking ball 120 wrecking ball 124 wrecking ball 145 wrecking ball 176 wrecking ball 194 wrecking ball 197 wrecking ball 203 wrecking ball 060 wrecking ball 063 wrecking ball 068 wrecking ball 079 wrecking ball 087 wrecking ball 092

The Descendents, the punk rock band formed in Manhattan Beach, California in 1977, are still as fun and ferocious as ever.  Covering songs from across their career, the band delighted a voracious crowd as they closed out the Music Park stage at the Wrecking Ball Festival in Atlanta, Georgia, on August 8.  A noise curfew cut the volume on the set, just before it ended, but it was still an immensely satisfying ride that united hardcore kids, punks and emo heads alike.

David Altherr captured the action.


The Hotelier announces tour dates (2015)

The Hotelier have announced a string of dates this fall with Runaway Brother, Oso Oso and Spirit of the Beehive.

Date Location Venue
Oct 21 Rochester, NY The Bug Jar
Oct 22 Toronto, ON Hard Luck
Oct 23 Lansing, MI Mac’s Bar
Oct 24 Chicago, IL Beat Kitchen
Oct 25 Dekalb, IL The House Cafe
Oct 26 St. Louis, MO The Demo
Oct 27 Memphis, TN The Hightone Cafe
Oct 28 Nashville, TN The End
Oct 30-Nov Gainesville, FL The Fest
Nov 2 Atlanta, GA Purgatory at The Masquerade
Nov 3 Charlotte, NC Neighborhood Theatre
Nov 4 Washington DC DC9
Nov 5 Philadelphia, PA First Unitarian Church
Nov 6 New York City, NY Studio at Webster Hall
Nov 7 Hamden, CT The Space
Nov 8 Somerville, MA Cusine En Local

Public Image Ltd. to tour in support of What The World Needs Now (2015)

Public Image Ltd. has announced a North American tour for later this fall. The band will be touring in support of What The World Needs Now, which is due out September 4.

Date City Venue
Sat 10/31 New Orleans, LA Voodoo Music + Arts Experience Festival
Sun 11/1 Memphis, TN New Daisy Theatre
Tue 11/3 Athens, GA Georgia Theatre
Thu 11/5 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Culture Room
Fri 11/6 St. Petersburg, FL The State Theatre
Sat 11/7 Orlando, FL The Plaza Live
Tue 11/10 Washington, DC U Street Music Hall
Wed 11/11 Philadelphia, PA The Trocadero Theatre
Thu 11/12 Pittsburgh, PA The Altar Bar
Sat 11/14 Montreal, QU La Tulipe
Sun 11/15 Toronto, ON The Opera House
Mon 11/16 New York, NY Best Buy Theater
Wed 11/18 Chicago, IL Concord Music Hall
Fri 11/20 Denver, CO Gothic Theatre
Sun 11/22 Vancouver, BC Vogue Theatre
Mon 11/23 Seattle, WA The Showbox
Wed 11/25 Las Vegas, NV Brooklyn Bowl
Fri 11/27 San Francisco, CA The Chapel
Sat 11/28 Sacramento, CA Ace of Spades
Sun 11/29 Los Angeles, CA The Fonda Theatre

Greg Graffin (Bad Religion) shares “Faith Alone,” readies book and 7-inch, Population Wars

Greg Graffin has shared “Faith Alone,” one of his own songs that thematically inspired his new book, “Population Wars.” The full series including “My Poor Friend Me,” “The Answer,” “Changing Tide” are available on an limited edition exclusive 7-inch available for pre-order with “Population Wars” at

With his new book, Greg Graffin further solidifies his standing as a preeminent thinker on the volatile intersection of biological science, religion, morality and popular culture. Few contemporary figures possess as extraordinary a skill set to address these increasingly crucial issues. A renowned singer and songwriter for the influential punk band Bad Religion, Graffin also comes equipped with formidable intellectual standing by way of a PHD from Cornell (Zoology), where he currently serves as a lecturer in evolution.

A prolific musician and author, Graffin wrote “Population Wars” as the follow up to 2010’s critically heralded book “Anarchy Evolution” (Harper Perennial), a provocative examination of the collision between religion and evolution which Kirkus Reviews heralded as “Humble, challenging and inspiring.” With Population Wars, Graffin distills issues of ecology, population management, natural history, and human nature, all the while challenging certain aspects of evolutionary theory that converge on ideology and promote conventional human warfare. Many of these concepts have been touched on in his songwriting over the last 30 years, but with “Population Wars”, they are given an entirely captivating academic treatment.

To mark the release of “Population Wars”, Graffin will embark on a series of special live appearances. These unique events will offer an unprecedented perspective into the longstanding relationship between Graffin’s academic and musical spheres, examining the correlation between song lyrics and topics expressed in his new book. The events will feature some live acoustic performances of songs related to the book interspersed with spoken word and followed with a question and answer segment.

Greg Graffin Population Wars: an event to celebrate the release of his new book:

Fri 9/18/15 Washington, DC – Rock N Roll Hotel
Sat 9/19/15 Philadelphia, PA – Coda
Sun 9/20/15 New York, NY – Gramercy Theater
Wed 9/23/15 Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theater
Fri 9/25/15 Los Angeles – Bootleg
Sun 9/27/15 Santa Ana CA – Constellation

So Hideous shares “Yesteryear,” tours (2015)

So Hideous has revealed ”Yesteryear,” the opening track off the New York City band’s upcoming sophomore album, Laurestine.

Premiered yesterday via BrooklynVegan and the site’s metal sister Invisible Oranges, the track can now be streamed via Prosthetic Records, here.

A concept album about a man’s interior journey in the minutes after death, Laurestine’s story begins with ”Yesteryear” and continues through seven tracks, connected seamlessly as one long song. “Cinematic” to the utmost, the album paints vivid pictures – explosive, majestic, cathartic. As Invisible Oranges’ Kelly Kettering notes, “Citing Beethoven as an influence, [guitarist/composer Brandon] Cruz has also described So Hideous’ music as scores for movies that don’t exist yet.”

Laurestine was recorded and mixed by Dean Baltulonis (Lucero, Sick of It All) at The Wild Arctic Studio, and prominently features The First Light Orchestra, an actual orchestra consisting of 30 musicians and vocalists.

It is set to be released October 16 on Prosthetic Records, the album is available for pre-order now.

Pre-order Laurestine from Prosthetic Records, here.
Pre-order Laurestine from iTunes, here.
Pre-order Laurestine from Amazon, here.
Pre-order Laurestine from Bandcamp, here.

Stream “Yesteryear” on Apple Music, here.
Stream “Yesteryear” on Spotify, here.
Stream “Yesteryear” on Google Play, here.

So Hideous embarks on a short tour this month with Prosthetic labelmates Set and Setting:

Aug 28 – Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus
Aug 29 – Rockaway, NJ @ The Backroom Studios
Aug 30 – Boston, MA @ O’Brien’s Pub
Aug 31 – Montreal, QC @ Turbo Haus
Sep 1 – Ottawa, ON @ Cafe Dekcuf
Sep 2 – Toronto, ON @ Coalition
Sep 3 – London, ON @ The APK
Sep 5 – Chicago, IL @ Red Line Tap
Sep 6 – Cincinnati, OH @ Northside Yacht Club

Dirty Ghosts share video, tour (2015)

Yesterday Dirty Ghosts had an amazing video hit the web via Adult Swim. The clip, which is directed by Derrick Beckles of Hot Package fame, has already accrued over 45 thousand views and counting. The oddball video is the visual accompaniment to the “Cataract” single which premiered on Stereogum recently with them noting the music “upbeat and edgy, with Baker’s punchy vocal delivery somewhat comparable to Alison Mosshart’s in her work with the Kills.”

Watch it on their Facebook page:

08.27 – Eagle Tavern – San Francisco, CA
09.04 – The Observatory – Santa Ana, CA (Burger A-Go-Go Pre-Party)
10.07 – Moe’s  – Denver CO
10.08 – Replay -  Lawrence KS
10.09 – Empty Bottle – Chicago IL
10.10 – Lager House – Detroit  MI
10.11 – Danforth Music Hall – Toronto, ON
10.13 – Dominion Tavern – Ottawa, ON
10.16 – Baby’s All Right (Panache CMJ Party) – Brooklyn NY
10.18 – Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia PA
10.19 – The Ballroom  – Cleveland  OH
10.20 – The End  – Nashville  TN
10.21 – Hi Tone -  Memphis TN
10.22 – Siberia  – New Orleans LA10/23/2015    Mohawk – Austin TX
10.24 – Rubber Gloves – Denton TX
10.26 – Valley Bar – Phoenix AZ