Jon Bunch (Sensefield, Further Seems Forever, Lucky Scars) dies, musicians pay tribute

Jon Bunch

Jon Bunch

Musician Jon Bunch passed away on Sunday, January 31 at the age of 45.

The popular vocalist who over his decades-long career, fronted such beloved bands as Reason To Believe/Sense Field and Further Seems Forever, and more recently War Generation and Lucky Scars, went on to influence a generation of artists including Jimmy Eat World, Paramore’s Hayley Williams, Dashboard Confessional’s Chris Carabba and Bob Nanna, who upon learning of his passing, took to social media to pay tribute to the singer. (see below).

Jon’s latest project, the rock band Lucky Scars, released its debut EP, ‘Rock and Roll Party Foul,’ in December on Spartan Records.

In remembrance and with the family’s blessing, Spartan Records has just released the band’s final music video for the single “Bandita” which can be viewed here.

Jon’s partner and longtime best friend Angelique Flores released the following statement:

“Earlier this week we lost an amazing person. Jon was a kind, thoughtful, sensitive man who made time for everyone and made a huge impact on many lives. For reasons still unknown to us at this time, his life was cut short at age 45. I am still in shock and devastated. My heart aches over his loss, and he leaves a massive void not only in my life but also in the lives of his family, friends and fans. I appreciate the outpouring of support, love, stories, pictures and videos shared that show the fun-loving, sweet and talented person he was. His heart and personality was as big as his 6’6” frame. I will notify everyone of the services once they are scheduled. His friends and I are planning a tribute show to honor this incredible man. Jonathan, you are an angel in heaven now. I miss you immensely tonight and forever.”

A Jon Bunch Memorial Fund has been established via GoFundMe, with the goal of helping to raise college funds for Jon’s 12-year old son, Jack, and the family’s funeral expenses. A portion of the proceeds may also be allocated to an organization that fights for the protection and safety of children, a cause important to Jon.

Additionally, Jon’s friends are in the early stages of planning several tribute shows to celebrate and remember Jon. Details are not available at this time.

More tributes to Jon Bunch:

Chris Carrabba – Dashboard Confessional, Further Seems Forever
Jon Bunch was larger than life in every way. He was a towering man. His voice was huge and serene. His heart was gigantic. My own heart breaks for losing him. I feel such deep loss but in that loss I am lucky to have his songs to guide me. Jon was my friend and I loved him.

Jason Gleason – Further Seems Forever
We had planned to grab a drink and catch up while I was in LA this weekend. Sadly, these plans will be delayed a bit. I was quite stunned and saddened yesterday to hear about the passing of Jon Bunch. An amazing musician, and an even better man. Jon had this uncanny ability, whether on stage, or off, to make everyone feel as if they were the only person in the room. His message was consistantly about love, and he personified that love through song and friendship. Based on all of the beautiful things that people have been outpouring on social media, Jon’s lyric that a “perfect dream outlives the man,” is a fitting testament to his legacy. May you rest in peace brother.

Further Seems Forever
We are in total shock, today we found out that Jon Bunch departed this world. Jon was an inspiration to us in so many ways. He had the uncanny ability to light up a room when he stepped into it. He left a huge imprint in the music scene from “Reason to Believe” to “Sense Field”, and we were lucky enough to make a beautiful record with him. It is a legacy of hope and one that will never fade. We truly lost a special person.

Jimmy Eat World
We are very sad to hear about the passing of Jon Bunch. He was such a talented and kind human being. He will be sorely missed!

Hayley Williams – Paramore
Rest in peace, Jon Bunch. Your voice sang me to sleep many nights. Thx for your contribution to my fav Further Seems Forever album.

Bob Nanna – Braid, Hey Mercedes, City on Film
Jon was a huge inspiration to pretty much every one of my bands, particularly as a singer. I was in awe of his range and strength and I took every opportunity to pick his brain and study his performance & preparation during the tour Hey Mercedes did with Sense Field in 2003. He was super supportive and beyond kind to us, his friends, and his fans. He will be missed.

Mike Kinsella – Cap’n Jazz, American Football, Joan of Arc, Owen
The Killed For Less cassette was a staple in the Cap’n Jazz van. It was equal parts beautiful and odd and corny and interesting and romantic and mathy and sincere, and it was a huge influence on all the music I’ve made since.

Blair Shehan – Knapsack / The Jealous Sound
I met Jon around ’94. Our bands played shows together many times after that. Keep in mind, I was a big fan before I met him. I loved Reason to Believe in high school and mail ordered the first Sense Field directly from Jon that included a hand written note. His voice was pure and powerful. He was the quintessential front man. We both lived in Southern California and I would run into him off and on over the last twenty years. Whenever I saw him he would always be genuinely interested in what I was doing. He was sincere, warm, and welcoming. He was a true talent and the real deal. He will be missed.

Chris Higdon – Falling Forward, Elliott, Frontier(s)
Hearing Killed for Less for the first time was an eye opener, equal to seeing my first punk show. Seeing someone accomplish what you want to do makes it one step closer to becoming a reality. Beyond Jon’s voice, which made me start taking lessons soon after, the production and musicianship made me realize what could be accomplished with an independent label. Getting a chance to meet with the band and Jon a few times only made things more intriguing. There was an honesty and sense of universal peace and struggle with in them and in his lyrics. He would make things just cryptic enough in his songs that if you chose to, they could easily fit into your life regardless who or whatever you chose to love or believe in.What he brought to our community will be missed.

Jonah Matranga – Far, Onelinedrawing
There was a band called Sense Field. They made elegant, energetic music. I played a ton of shows with them back in the day, and became friends with them in that Rockworld way. I traded occasional hellos with their singer, Jon; just daydreams of singing together again or something. I just found out that he died yesterday. I don’t know anything about the details, and it doesn’t really matter. I’ve got that distant, detached feeling that lets me know I’m in shock and haven’t quite registered that I won’t run into him on tour, or sing with him, or anything. So much is gone when we go. Bye, Jon. You were beautiful.

Chad Gilbert – New Found Glory, What’s Eating Gilbert
Just heard that Jon Bunch passed away. Such sad news. The Sense Field’s “Building” is one of the best melodic post hardcore emo/rock songs ever written. I’ve tried recreating the feeling and impact of that riff and melody time again. A few years later after seeing Sense Field, they took New Found Glory on a tour before lots of people would. Besides being such a talented person he always had a smile on is face when I’d see him and was always positive and fun to talk to. He will be missed by lots of people. Jon Bunch was a pioneer without a doubt. There’s a light up ahead.

Eddie Reyes – Taking Back Sunday
The loss of great singer and pioneer of our genre Jon Bunch is a big loss. Not only was he an influence but was a part of one of the best bands of their time, Sense Field. The albums “Killed For Less” and “Building” were such a big influence on me. It is so sad, RIP legend…

Eric Richter – Christie Front Drive
Jon was probably my favorite vocalist in this genre. His vocal melodies and delivery brought tears to my eyes on several occasions. I guess that’s what you’re suppose to say when you were branded like we all were in that time period, but that statement is 100% true. Jon, your words ran deeper and I thank you.

Sad to hear about the passing of Jon Bunch of Sense Field. Although it has been many years since our paths crossed, we remember him and the times that we shared fondly. Rest in peace.

Split Lip/Chamberlain
We had the fortune to share a stage many times with Sense Field, and Reason to Believe was on constant rotation in our early days. Today’s news hits close to home. RIP, Jon.

Texas is the Reason
With heavy hearts we say goodbye to our brother Jon Bunch, singer of the mighty Sense Field. We will never forget you, your voice or that big smile. Chest-bumps for life. “Yes I’ve got these dreams and you’re in them all”

Matthew Caws – Nada Surf
Rest In Peace Jon Bunch, singer of Sense Field (+ Reason to Believe + Further Seems Forever). We toured together and he was a lovely man.

Bryan Gassler – The Jazz June
In my early days I listened to a lot of punk and hardcore, and in 1994 that changed when I discovered Killed for Less by Sense Field. That album made me realize that melody could be born from the mosh pit and it was Jon Bunch’s gorgeous voice at the center of it that stood out the most. Although I didn’t know Jon, his voice and his songs had a tremendous impact on how I approached writing music. I am saddened by his passing, he was an emo-hardcore legend that left a big imprint on many people. Godspeed Jon, wherever you are.

Brett Detar – The Juliana Theory
I’m truly gutted to hear that Jon Bunch just passed away. Johnny Scars was an absolute sweetheart – hilarious and kind. Just a giant teddy bear – someone i looked up to long before I had the pleasure of knowing him. His voice and lyrics were definitely a massive influence in my formative musical years. Sense Field was the first band to take The Juliana Theory on tour and that was actually one of the only times I’ve ever gotten to tour as the opener for a band that I was a massive fan of beforehand. A couple years earlier I vividly recall Zao listening to Sense Field regularly in the tour van. To this day the album “Building” still sticks with me lyrically and is about the only piece of music from that era and scene that I still listen to. To me it’s as powerful and moving as ever. I was asked to play second guitar for Sense Field on a Japanese tour and I wasn’t able to do it and I’ve always regretted that. Thanks, Jon, for letting me borrow a lyric of yours for the last Theory record and much more importantly, thank you for blessing us with your music and your spirit. RIP.

“Sing on. You’ll live on. Sing on. Love will on.” – Jon Bunch

Jeff Caudill – Gameface
Jon and I weren’t super close friends but had definitely spent some time together over the years. I was always in awe of his voice and his presence on and off stage. I guess I was more of a fan. Reason to Believe was one of my first ever punk shows in the late 80′s. Then in the 90′s, Gameface and Sense Field played together all the time. I remember talking to him about songwriting and stuff. We were on the back porch of a house me and Popeye (Farside) rented at the time. Sense Field had just finished an album. We talked about how my songs were really autobiographical and his were more universal. He said he ‘just wanted to write songs that make people feel good – that bring people together.’ I’ve always remembered that, not only because it’s true but because of the way he said it – with such sincerity. That sincerity came through every time. Sense Field shows at that time were like going to church – so uplifting and moving. I think about all the shows we played together and watching Sense Field and thinking how lucky I was to even know this band existed. Those songs brought people together. Jon’s voice brought people together. A couple years ago we had him in the studio to record some backing vocals with Gameface and again, he was just awesome – so positive and energetic. Goosebumps all around the room as he sang “now is what matters now.” The last few days have been strange. I really don’t know when it’s all going to sink in but I’m thankful that his music will be with us forever.

Christie Front Drive
We are very sad today to learn of the passing of Jon Bunch. We (mostly Eric and I) would listen to Sense Field insistently in the van. We were all super excited to get to play with them at the Hong Kong Café on our first tour. They turned out to all be great guys and we were lucky enough to play with them many more times throughout the course of our turning days. Jon was always a humble kindhearted soul and one hell of a singer.

We met Jon at the Mocambo in LA in ’92, he was a character…what a original.

The Starting Line
It’s so sad to hear of the passing of Jon Bunch – we had the opportunity to tour with Jon and Further Seems Forever back in 2005, which was an absolute pleasure. I remember all of us flipping out over the fact that Jon was in Sense Field, which was a huge deal to all of us. He was charismatic, kind, and such a great person to be around. The mark that Jon left on music and on the people and bands around him is undeniable and very much appreciated. RIP Jon.

Td Trout – Gameface
In high school, Jeff and I loved Reason To Believe. Such a cool band all the way around and vocal wise just amazing. Gameface first real show was with Sense Field and Jeff and I were both super stoked. Years later Gameface was able to be part of the benefit show for Rodney from SenseField when his daughter was hospitalized, what a super emo show. And then Jon came into the studio to sing on NOW, one of the highlights of my 26 yrs in gameface, sends the best kind of chills when I hear the end of the song. But here’s the part of friendship that would not be expected. This past year my son played basketball in the same league as Jon’s son. That is where we hung out and really talked. He played me his new songs and talked about fatherhood and those times are what I will remember about him. Tonight I will hold my loved ones closer and think of talents lost while getting the best kind of chills while listening to this song.

Greg Bennick – Trial
The right band for the right time. It’s the voice that sweeps up our emotions along with the musicians who hit hard and capture the feeling of the times. Sometimes that’s all we need to get by. There was a time when Sense Field and Jon Bunch’s voice were at the center of what was a new scene. It was a new feeling, a sense of emotional exploration, and it’s own new time. Bands like Farside and State of the Nation amongst others were bringing emotion to reason, and along with Sense Field were tapping into our feelings first and foremost, and our anger or passion second. This felt very real. And Jon Bunch had the voice to carry that scene. I just wish more people had gotten a chance to experience the band. So many bands get so much play, so much attention, so much of everything…for so little reason. Sense Field was a band who deserved so much more than they ever got. RIP Jon Bunch (Johnny Scars). “Love is building…”

John Herguth – Atlantic/Pacific, The Love Scene
On what would be the last afternoon I got to spend with my friend Erin, who passed away from cancer, I called Bunch and asked him to give her a ring to say “Hi.” She was maybe the biggest Sense Field fan of all time and she literally had a week left. We sat at her house and she got a call from a California number which she immediately declined. I convinced her to call it back and it was Bunch. They spoke for at least thirty minutes and she was beside herself with excitement. It was pretty amazing. He was a sweet dude. Truly.

Saosin reunites with Anthony Green for LP

Saosin announced they have reunited with original front man Anthony Green and will release a new album on Epitaph this year. This will be the first new Saosin music with Anthony Green since 2003. The band have shared a teaser video with a clip of new music that you can listen to now:

Anthony Green explains, “Making this record was such a sentimental thing for me. You can literally hear us making amends with each other while lamenting on our experiences together. It was very healing and cathartic, and might be the heaviest thing I’ve been a part of since the first EP. Epitaph is a perfect fit for this band.”

Saosin formed and released their first EP, Translating the Name, in 2003. Anthony Green parted ways with the band after they signed with a major label, and vocalist Cove Reber stepped in as front man. The band went on to release two major label albums without Green, Saosin (Capitol, 2006), and In Search of Solid Ground (Virgin, 2009). Anthony Green has been a part of the band Circa Survive since leaving Saosin.

Chris Sorenson, Saosin bassist explains “We have known Brett Gurewitz/Epitaph was interested since our second show in 2003 but the timing wasn’t right. I am stoked to see our almost 13 year courtship come full circle in 2016. We’ve been working on the idea of recording a new Saosin record with Anthony since 2010. It’s great to be back, playing gigs, and writing the music we never had the chance to write from the beginning.”

In addition to writing and recording with Saosin, Anthony Green will perform with the band at all shows indefinitely; tour dates listed below. Stay tuned for more news on Saosin music.

With Young & Heartless

Mar 11 Silver Spring, MD – The Fillmore
Mar 12 Norfolk, VA – The NorVa
Mar 13 Charlotte, NC – Amo’s South End
Mar 16 St. Louis, MO – The Ready Room
Mar 18 New Orleans, LA – Howlin’ Wolf
Mar 19 Grand Prairie, TX – QuikTrip Park
Mar 20 Grand Prairie, TX – QuikTrip Park
Mar 22 Jacksonville, FL – Mavericks
Mar 23 Orlando, FL – The Beacham
Mar 24 Fort Lauderdale, FL – Revolution Live
Apr 02 Las Vegas, NV – Extreme Thing

The Twilight Sad announces tour dates (2016)

Scottish band The Twilight Sad announces four U.S. headlining tour dates. These tour dates will coincide with the band’s world tour dates supporting The Cure. The band will play a few special headline shows in Los Angeles at the Teragram Ballroom; Portland, OR at Doug Fir Lounge; Chicago at Lincoln Hall and New York at Bowery Ballroom. Tickets for these shows will go on sale  February 5. LA and Portland will go on sale at 10am PST, Chicago on sale at 12pm CST, and NYC is on sale at 12pm EST.

The tour came together after Robert Smith covered The Twilight Sad’s song There’s a Girl In The Corner last year. As big fans of The Cure and Robert Smith this was a proud moment for the band.  When they were asked to join one of their favorite bands on tour, it was a no brainer. See below for a full list of support tour dates and heading tour dates.

Last year, The Twilight Sad released their Òran Mór Session LP  via FatCat Records. Òran Mór Session is a collection of stripped-back, reimagined versions of tracks from the band’s last album, Nobody Wants To Be Here and Nobody Wants To Leave, as well as its b-sides and a cover of Arthur Russell’s ‘I Couldn’t Say It To Your Face’.  The band also released a sparse black and white video for the LP’s version of  “Nobody Wants To Be Here And Nobody Wants to Leave” featuring singer James Graham and guitarist Andy MacFarlane. You can watch the video here. CD, LP or digital version is available now on the band’s website:

The Cure & Headline 2016 Tour Dates
05/10 - New Orleans, LA @ U.N.O. Lakefront Arena *
05/11 – New Orleans, LA @ U.N.O. Lakefront Arena *
05/13 – Austin, TX @ Frank Erwin Center *
05/14 – Houston, TX @ Toyota Center *
05/15 – Dallas, TX @ American Airlines Center *
05/17 – El Paso, TX @ Don Haskins Center *
05/19 – Las Vegas, NV @ The Chelsea Theater at the Cosmopolitan *
05/20 – Chula Vista, CA @ Sleep Train Amphitheater *
05/22 – Los Angeles, CA @ Hollywood Bowl *
05/23 - Los Angeles, CA @ Hollywood Bowl *
05/24 - Los Angeles, CA @ Hollywood Bowl *

05/25 – Los Angeles, CA @ Teragram Ballroom – HEADLINING SHOW – tickets
05/26 – Mountain View, CA @ Shorline Amphitheatre *

05/28 – Portland, OR @ Doug Fir Lounge – HEADLINING SHOW – tickets
05/31 – Vancouver, BC @ Festival Lawn at Deer Lake Park *

06/02 – Boise, ID @ Century Link *
06/03 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Maverik Center *
06/05 – Denver, CO @ Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre *
06/08 – Kansas City, MO @ Starlight Theatre *

06/09 – Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall – HEADLINING SHOW – tickets
06/10 – Chicago, IL @ UIC Pavilion *
06/11 - Chicago, IL @ UIC Pavilion *
06/14 – Montreal, QC @ Bell Centre *
06/16 – Boston, MA @ Agganis Arena at Boston University *
06/18 – New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden *
06/19 - New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden *
06/20 - New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden *

06/21 – New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom – HEADLINING SHOW – tickets
06/22 – Columbia, MD @ Merriweather Post Pavilion *
06/24 – Atlanta, GA @ Aaron’s Amphitheater Lakewood *
06/26 – Miami, FL @ Bayfront Park Amphitheater *
06/27 - Miami, FL @ Bayfront Park Amphitheater *
10/07 – Helsinki, FI @ Hartwall Arena *
10/09 – Stockholm, SE @ Ericsson Globe Arena *
10/11 – Oslo, NO @ Spektrum *
10/12 – Gotenburg, SE @ Scandinavium *
10/14 – Copenhagen, DK @ Forum *
10/17 – Hamburg, DE @ Barclaycard Arena *
10/18 – Berlin, DE @ Mercedes-Benz Arena *
10/20 – Lodz, PL @ Atlas Arena *
10/22 – Prague, CZ @ O2 Arena *
10/24 – Munich, DE @ Olympiahalle *
10/26 – Vienna, AT @ Marxhalle *
10/27 – Budapest, HR @ Papp Lazlo Sports Arena *
10/29 – Bologna, IT @ Unipol Arena *
10/30 – Rome, IT @ Palalottomatica *
11/01 – Milan, IT @ Mediolanum Forum *

11/02 – Milan, IT @ Mediolanum Forum *
11/04 – Basel, CH @ St. Jakobshalle *

11/06 – Stuttgart, DE @ Hanns-Martin-Shlever Halle *

11/07 – Frankfurt, DE @ Festhalle *
11/08 – Leipzig, DE @ Arena *
11/10 – Cologne, DE @ Lanxess Arena *
11/12 – Antwerp, BE @ Sportspaleis *
11/13 – Amsterdam, NL @ Ziggo Dome *
11/15 – Paris, FR @ AccorHotels Arena *
11/17 – Lyon, FR @ Halle Tony Garnier *
11/18 – Montpellier, FR @ Park & Suites Arena *
11/20 – Madrid, ES @ Barclaycard Center *
11/22 – Lisbon, PT @ MEO Arena *
11/24 – Bilbao, ES @ BEC *
11/26 – Barcelona, ES @ Palau St Jordi *
11/29 – Manchester, UK @ Manchester Arena *
12/01 – London, UK @ SSE Wembley Arena *

12/02 – London, UK @ SSE Wembley Arena *

12/03 – London, UK @ SSE Wembley Arena *


* = w/ The Cure

True Widow complete fourth LP, tour (2016)

Texan trio, True Widow, have completed recording their fourth full-length album with longtime producer Matt Pence at The Echo Lab in Argyle, TX. The much anticipated new album marks the band’s first recordings since 2013′s Circumambulation and is expected to see a summer release via Relapse Records. Photos and clips from the recording session can be viewed via the band’s official Instagram here.

Additionally, the band has announced a two week U.S. tour this April following an appearance at this year’s Spillover Fest in Dallas, TX. Support will be provided by Slimy Member and Drab Majesty and a complete listing of dates is available below.

March 19    Dallas, TX              Spillover Fest
Apr 16        Austin, TX              The Mohawk
Apr 17        Houston, TX          The Satellite
Apr 19        New Orleans, LA    Sisters in Christ Records
Apr 20        Atlanta, GA            The Earl
Apr 21        Raleigh, NC           Kings
Apr 22        Richmond, VA       Hardywood Park Craft Brewery
Apr 23        Washington, DC    DC9
Apr 24        Philadelphia, PA    Boot & Saddle
Apr 26        Allston, MA            Great Scott
Apr 27        Brooklyn, NY         Saint Vitus
Apr 28        Pittsburgh, PA       Smiling Moose
Apr 29        Columbus, OH       Double Happiness
Apr 30        Chicago, IL            Subterranean
May 1         St. Louis, MO        Firebird

4/16-4/23 Slimy Member support
4/24-5/1 Drab Majesty support

Stream “Hopscotch” here.

Alexisonfire ready live album for Dine Alone

Influential Canadian post-hardcore band Alexisonfire will release a long-awaited live record, Alexisonfire: Live At Copps, digitally at iTunes on February 12 via Dine Alone Records. The band has partnered with to debut a live video for “Young Cardinals” from the recorded show.

Watch the live video for “Young Cardinals” now at

Alexisonfire: Live At Copps was recorded at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, ON in front of 10,000 fans on December 30, 2012 at the band’s final show of their sold-out worldwide farewell tour. The set features 24 fan favorite tracks that span the band’s celebrated discography, including standout songs like “Boiled Frogs,” “Rough Hands,” “.44 Caliber Love Letter,” and “Old Crows.”

The release will also be available at Dine Alone’s webstore as a four LP set along with an exclusive Blu-Ray featuring the entire Copps performance as well as other extras. Alexisonfire fans have been requesting live material for many years and this marks the first time that the band has made a live performance available as both audio and video content. Fans who have pre-ordered the vinyl will get the digital release one day early.

See below for more the entire tracklisting as well as detailed information on the vinyl release.

Link to hi-res Live at Copps Graphic:

ALEXISONFIRE – Live at Copps (4xLP)


Black 180g 4xLP set (Limited edition first pressing)

Etched Heartskull logo on ‘H’ side

Deluxe quad gatefold packaging with gloss varnish

Exclusive Blue-Ray featuring entire Live at Copps performance, as well as other extras

Digital Download Card

Follow the band at for additional news and updates.

Live At Copps Track List:

1.     Young Cardinals

2.     Boiled Frogs

3.     Heading For The Sun

4.     .44 Calibre Love Letter

5.     Drunks, Lovers, Sinners And Saints

6.     No Transitory

7.     Crisis

8.     Rough Hands

9.     Charlie Sheen Vs. Henry Rollins

10.   Born and Raised

11.   Waterwings

12.   You Burn First

13.   We Are The Sound

14.   Keep It On Wax

15.   Accept Crime

16.   Mailbox Arson

17.   Get Fighted

18.   Old Crows

19.   The Northern

20.   Dogs Blood

21.   Accidents

22.   Pulmonary Archery

23.   This Could Be Anywhere In The World

24.   Happiness By The Kilowatt

Tiny Knives release LP via Eolian Empire

This week, the outsider underground aficionados at Eolian Empire will issue the first proper vinyl release from Portland’s dismantling punk trio, Tiny Knives, with the outfit’s teeth-smashing Black Haze LP. Tiny Knivescombines anarcho-punk with frenzied rock ‘n’ roll and douses it in avant madness. See-sawing between full-speed-ahead riffage and heavy emotional bulldozing, sprinkled with startling prettiness, the trio coheres these stylistic shifts into a sound that rings familiar bells while resolutely being their own thing.

The band cuts deep with Black Haze; the rhythm section is a fine-tuned propulsion engine that turns on a dime, built on ’77 fundamentals but often veering sideways into strange times and modes, driven by fuzzed-out chords and vocals that shapeshift through brutal growls, rapid-fire shouts, lovely balladeering, and spoken word tirades. The album was recorded by Caravan Recordings with engineering handled by Andrew Grosse and Jose DeLara, the later also handling mixing, mastering duties. It’s a rant-fueled, maniacal, white-knuckled ride through Portland’s gritty back-alleys.

Pick up the wax from the Eolian Empire faction HERE or digital HERE.

Tiny Knives will continue to shank local audiences with steady shows around Portland with more widespread tour plans coming together for the Summer months.

Past Life ready EP for Broken Circles

Broken Circles recently announced the addition of Brooklyn, NY’s Past Life to their roster. The label will release the debut EP from the band, EP1, in February of 2016. Cassette Pre-Orders are now live!

You can listen to EP1 in full right now, premiering exclusively on Noisey. The first single “Sever Your Love” is premiered previously on The Fader.

When is rock music just rock music? So much is made nowadays of bygone eras, of contemporary bands full of pups appropriating sounds and tones and melodies from their forebearers, that it’s almost a moot point by now. There may be nothing new under the sun, but that doesn’t mean we just stop enjoying its rays as they hit us and warm our skin. It would be shockingly easy to proclaim Brooklyn’s Past Life as just another band fixated on regurgitating hallmarks of independent 1980s and 1990s rock songwriting, but that’s unfair to the involved musicians, the listening fans, to everyone. This EP, brief and fleeting like nearly every positive life experience, leaves an indelible mark.

The truth is, familiarity doesn’t breed contempt, but rather a welcome warmth. Rock music is just rock music. It just is. Compartmentalize it all you want; at the end of the day, they’re just rock songs. They’re just pop songwriting with hooks and melodies and the amps turned up so loud, if you stand next to one for too long you’ll feel like you’re drowning. They’re just the driving tempos and fuzz and pomp that adorn “Sever Your Love,” and those riffs? Those aggressive, eminently memorable, riffs? Is there anything better in life? They’re just the push and pull magnified by the way dizzying percussion anchors “Split Your Ground” amidst a dense layer of guitars and reverbed-out vocals, but they’re also how they stay out of the way when that density gives way to a brief, ripping solo. They’re the ever-so-faint handclaps and quick, bridging solos that bring a sense of fun to an otherwise slow and dense and methodical track like “Hate Bloomer.” They’re the aural jubilance amidst distorted vocals that carry “Losing Every Word” into hallowed anthem territory. They’re the chorus of “Jack Knife,” that goddamn chorus so simple you couldn’t believe someone else hadn’t thought of it first, that chorus which, if luck will ever shine on Past Life, will be shouted in unison, as a physical and mental release, by 1,000 completely stoked people all cohabiting one floor.

They’re just rock songs, but when hasn’t rock music been able to bring us unfettered enthusiasm? When hasn’t it taken the rough shit that’s scattered around the edges of our daily lives and placed it at the forefront of our consciousness, if only for a moment, or an album or a night out at a show? When hasn’t it taken those moments and made them seem like the most important thing in our lifetimes, at that very moment and possibly forever? It’s all we’re looking for. It’s all we need, really.

Tickets for Punk Rock Bowling 2016 go on sale

Punk Rock Bowling is pleased to announce single day tickets will be going on sale, February 6th at 12pm Pacific Standard Time.  The festival stage lineups are all set for the 18th Annual Punk Rock Bowling Tournament and Music Festival to take place in Las Vegas, NV from May 28-30 and the inaugural debut of PRB East, taking place in Asbury Park, NJ from June 10-12, 2016.

Single Day tickets will be available for purchase at

Want your Punk Rock Bowling Club Show Tickets Early?

All Weekend Pass and VIP Pass Buyers receive 4 hour club show pre-sale.

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Pre-sale will begin March 11th at 12pm Pacific Standard Time.

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May 26-30, 2016

Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas takes place downtown near Fremont St. The event will kick off on Thurs. May 26 with club shows running every night through Mon. May 30. The outdoor festival stage takes place on Sat. May 28 through Mon. May 30 and runs from 3pm -11pm on Sat. and Sun. and 2pm – 10pm on Mon. with club shows taking place after the festival is over in various clubs downtown all within walking distance of the festival and hotels. The festival is all ages, but you must be 21 yrs. of age to attend the club shows.

Ticket Information:

Single Day Tickets: $45 / On Sale Sat. Feb. 6 @ 12pm (pst)

3 Day Festival Pass: $120

3 Day VIP Fest Pass: $350 / SOLD OUT

Bowling registration and PRB Hotel Specials available NOW!

Club Shows announced March 2016

Saturday, May 28th Festival Stage


The Exploited


The Bronx

Youth Brigade



The Damnit Jims

Sunday, May 29th Festival Stage




Dillinger Four

The Dwarves

The Sainte Catherines

Night Birds

Be Like Max

Negative Nancy’s

Monday, MAY 30th Festival Stage

Flogging Molly

Face To Face

Dag Nasty

Strung Out

Off With Their Heads


Louise Distras

Sic Waiting



June 10-12, 2016

Due to overwhelming demand from our East Coast brethren that just can’t make the cross country trek to the City of Sin, we will celebrate our 18th Birthday on both coasts for 2016.  The Asbury Park festival will take place by the infamous Asbury Boardwalk at the The Stone Pony Summer Stage from 2pm – 10pm on Sat. June 11 and Sun. June 12. Club shows will take place Fri. and Sat. nights in various venues around the boardwalk. For accommodations, please check the Punk Rock Bowling website for a list of hotels in the area.

Ticket Information:

Festival Single Day Tickets: $50

Bowling registration is now available

Club Shows announced March 2016

Saturday, June 11th Festival Stage


Dag Nasty



88 Fingers Louie


Iron Chic


Lost In Society

Sunday, June 12th Festival Stage

Cock Sparrer


Agnostic Front

The Slackers

Anti-Nowhere League

Off With Their Heads

Drug Church

The Scandals

Brutal Youth

More announcements, including Club Show lineups and other events, will be coming soon for the 18th Annual Punk Rock Bowling Tournament and Music Festival.  Go to, and the new redesigned website, and follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for the latest updates and news around the festival.

Glint share video for “While You Sleep”

Tthe new video from Glint, for their single “While You Sleep” premiered over at Stereogum. The song is taken from their upcoming record Inverter, out March 11 via Votiv. Set in the desert, the video captures the longing and desire put forth by Glint in their dream-pop rock mixture.

Also you can check out the band live on February 16 at Arlene’s Grocery in New York before they leave for tour.

You can watch the video here:

Ray Rocket (Teenage Bottlerocket) readies LP for Rise, tours (2016)

Ray Rocket, the solo project of Teenage Bottlerocket frontman Ray Carlisle, has signed with Rise Records and will release a new LP titled, Do You Wanna Go To Tijuana? on April 1.

A music video for the title track is debuting today on the Rise Records Youtube channel.

Digital pre-orders are available on iTunes along with various bundle packages at MerchNow.

Ray Rocket will be on tour this spring.

Spring Tour (with The Copyrights 5/12-5/29)

4/1 – Laramie, WY @ The Roughed Up Duck

4/29 – Fort Collins, CO @ Surfside 7 (with Sundowner)

4/30 – Denver, CO @ Marquis Theater (with Sundowner)

5/12 – Milwaukee, WI @ Cactus Club (with The Copyrights, The Lippies)

5/13 – Chicago, IL @ Cobra Lounge (with The Copyrights, The Lippies)

5/14 – St. Louis, MO @ Blueberry Hill (with The Copyrights, The Lippies)

5/15 – Indianapolis, IN @ Melody Inn (with The Copyrights, The Lippies)

5/17 – Detroit, MI @ Majestic Cafe (with The Copyrights, Penske File, The Lippies)

5/18 – London, ON @ Call The Office (with The Copyrights, Penske File, The Lippies)

5/19 – Toronto, ON @ Bovine Sex Club (with The Copyrights, Penske File, The Lippies)

5/20 – Hamilton, ON @ Club Absinthe (with The Copyrights, Penske File, The Lippies)

5/21 – Montreal, QC @ Pouzza Fest (with The Copyrights, Penske File, The Lippies)

5/22 – Barrie, ON @ Roxy Side Room (with The Copyrights, Penske File, The Lippies)

5/24 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Smiling Moose (with The Copyrights, The Lippies)

5/25 – Cincinatti, OH @ Northside Yacht Club (with The Copyrights, The Lippies)

5/26 – Cleveland, OH @ Mahall’s (with The Copyrights, The Lippies)

5/27 – Ft. Wayne, IN @ Brass Rail (with The Copyrights, The Lippies)

5/28 – Howell, MI @ Bled Fest (with The Copyrights, The Lippies)

5/29 – Lombard, IL @ Brauerhouse (with The Copyrights, The Lippies)