Sarah Bethe Nelson has a new album called Oh, Evolution coming February 24 on Burger Records, and it’s unbelievable — a big step forward for the label.

Oh, Evolution shows just that — a massive growth from Nelson’s solo debut, Fast Moving Clouds (Burger, 2015). The catchy-yet-artful melodies are still there, but the arrangements are much more muscular and driving.

Her Hope Sandoval breathiness takes center stage, but the surrounding synths and overdriven guitars are welcome additions. Her lyrics are often incisive, streetwise commentary on human behavior — the perfect complement to her rock-solid arrangements.

She got some high praise last time around from The New York Times, Pitchfork and more. She’s lately opened up for the likes of Dwight Twilley, Christopher Owens (Girls), Sonny & The Sunsets and many more, and she’s a super interesting character, a no-bullshit longtime OC bartender.