Two of Everything

Brian Olive, Two of Everything, Alive Naturalsounds


Former Greenhorne and Soledad Brothers multi-instrumentalist Brian Olive is back with a funky, bluesy and soulful second album.  Recorded in Cincinnati and Nashville, and co-produced by The Black Keys axeman/singer Dan Auerbach, Two of Everything shows Olive pulling out all the stops.  Really.  This is a music lovers everlasting gobstopper that reveals new layers and flavors with every listen.  For instance, lead track “Left Side Rock” is a blues-inspired, barn burning footstomper that says, “I’m here to rock.”  On the other hand, second track “Go On Easy” delivers a hazy organ lead line and woodwinds, which evokes both psych and Motown influences for a slinky and sexy tune that is bound to make bedroom walls sweat.  The rest of the record runs a gamut of influences from glam to soul and classic rock, and from jazz to rhythm and blues.  Every track is a single that shines on its own merits.  And Olive navigates it all seamlessly.  I can’t help but wonder if Olive is a time traveler from some forgotten era, a voice from the future who’s returned to blow our minds, or just one helluva funky whiteboy and an unsung musical hero from our generation.  I’m betting on the latter. 

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