Adam WarRock, The War For Infinity, Self-released

On October 7, the galaxy will set anxious ears on an epic battle between Adam WarRock (MC Eugene Ahn) and Demonos (Tribe One, aka Niles Gray).  The battle spans seventeen strong tracks and multiple dimensions.  Ohio’s DJ Ruckus Roboticus lays down pristine beats and production that are the perfect support for WarRock’s unique lyrical science, which tackles everything from comic culture (as inspired by Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet saga), morality, hip hop and creative expression.  The first banger here is “Bad Mother (Villainy),” in which WarRock speculates on the origin on Demonos with lines like “Blame it on separation of church and state/blame it on porno mags and internet celebrity sex tapes/however you figure a sick, twisted, disfigured mental state/a kid who grew up bumping too much NWA.”  By track six the MC battle is in full swing with “Battle (Introductions).”  Demonos’ lays it down first, “Ya’ll must be crazy thinking you can hang with Demonos/I step into the place releasing flows that leave MCs as ghosts,” but WarRock and his “inner light” provide a formidable opposition.  While these battles only partially encompass what is so fun about The War For Infinity, they are definitely spotlight joints.  During another album highlight, “Heroes Requiem,” a variety of pop culture and comic heroes (Professor X, The Hulk, Thing, Ninja Turtles, the X-Men, etc.) take on Demonos, but are quickly dispatched.  The rest of the album follows suit as Adam WarRock pursues Demonos across the galaxy and ultimately prevails.  The first single from the album, “The Silver Age (featuring Tribe One),” provides the record’s postlude and speculates that the convergence of pop and comic culture with hip hop will usher in a “silver age” of hip hop.  Whether you emerge from this rap thrill ride on Team WarRock or Team Demonos, there’s absolutely no question whether these MCs and their formidable DJ are up to that task.

As an aside, I have to give props to Dayton-based comic artist Rusty Shackes, who provided the stellar artwork for physical copies of The War For Infinity.  The physical copy also has an introduction written by comics creator Chris Roberson (iZombie, Cinderella, From Fabletown With Love). The deluxe version of the album also includes an immediate digital download with each CD purchase, as well as the exclusive 47 minute mix, It Was Like That When We Got Here, Vol. 1, a collaboration between the artist and DJ Empirical that mashes up popular WarRock website songs with new pop/hip-hop/electronic beats, as well as the Ruckus Roboticus single, “Chicks,” from his acclaimed EP, The Chicks.


Recommended For Fans Of: Atmosphere, Weerd Science, Brother Ali, Eyedea and Abilities