Human Reunion, Arc De Square, Minor Manor

Just a few months after dropping their debut “carbonics” 7”, Human Reunion is back with their first full-length, Arc De Square, which is a collection of time-warped synth sounds, twisting grooves and joyous rock absurdism that puts the band in an avant, weirdo- pop masterclass.  “rapture nurse” appeals to the listeners psych palate as every polyrhythmic detail unfolds in cinematic slow motion.  “badge mask” is a spooky, dirge-like downer that is at once unsettling and also satisfying.  ”raw christ” is a noisy banger that delivers heavy groove and attitude the world has rarely seen since Brainiac’s Hissing Prigs In Static Couture.  “working man” occupies a completely different sonic universe all-together – a Lorazepam-like shot of shimmering retro-electro-disco.   “iroc” has a TV on the Radio by way of Liars vibe that is pretty unmistakable.  Thankfully, Human Reunion can hang.  I guess the bottom line is that Arc De Square is a beautiful excursion of weird cross-genres slices.  At times, the effect is akin to hearing Animal Collective cover 13th Floor Elevators, at others they’re Les Savy Fav doing the Faint, and still at others the band emerge as Devo-devotees or Brainiac sentimentalists (neither is a bad thing).  The truth is that even these reference points don’t quite do justice to the bewitching spazziness Human Reunion deliver.  They’re the kind of band who have an overabundance of ideas – all of them good – and the experience to package them cohesively without losing a bit of spontaneity.  And they make it sound really good to be from M and Fing Dayton, Ohio.

Recommended For Fans Of: Brainiac, Liars, TV on the Radio

Help the band celebrate Arc De Square’s official release on Friday, July 30th at 9:00pm at Blind Bob’s in Dayton, Ohio.  The band will be joined by Astro Fang, Letter Camp and Dirty Socialites.