Entries for April, 2009

Buddha Den Offers Free Smug Bros. EP, Continues Interviewing The Breeders

Buddha Den is offering a free download of the new Smug Brothers EP.  If you haven’t heard, Smug Brothers is the collective brainchild of Daryll Robbins, Kyle Melton and Don Thrasher (Guided by Voices, Swearing At Motorists).  I managed to catch one of their songs on WOXY’s Local Lixx show and will gladly admit it [...]

Paramore Ready New Album For September

Paramore‘s new album will be released in September, according to this. Hayley Williams also discussed some themes in a recent Livejournal post as well. “Most of the songs you’ll hear have to do with friendship,” she writes. “In fact, this is the first Paramore album that wasn’t written mostly about love relationships. I have made [...]

Agit Reader Interviews Crocodiles

Agit Reader recently interviewed Crocodiles’ Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowland.  Check it here: http://www.agitreader.com/features/crocodiles-04.27.html.

The Almost Record New Full-Length

The Almost have arrived at Franklin, TN’s Dark Horse Recording studio to track their sophomore full-length. The band is planning full-scale studio updates, with Twittering, a live Stickam, and daily blogs and vlogs. Their last album, Southern Weather, was released in 2007.

Diamon Supply Col Releases “Rise And Shine” Tee

As the Diamond Supply Co. Summer ‘09 line is about to release, Nick gives us a few sneak previews directly from his Twitter. Above you can catch the Diamond Supply Co. “Rise And Shine” tee in red. This along with many other styles, accessories, and caps will be available soon.

Spring Calls For Earnest Sewn Fuller Denim

Spring calls for certain things, one of which is lighter, more casual denim. These Earnest Sewn Fuller Jeans ($215) should do the trick. In the company’s Hypervintage wash, the straight leg jeans sport authentic distressing and zero back-pocket decoration.

Militant Pacifist Brand Makes Rad Tees

Photographer Justin Thomas has come out with a series of t-shirts under the Militant Pacifist brand. The t-shirts feature a vintage look and have his photographs printed on the front. The photographer documented some of the most memorable moments in music. This series of t-shirts includes pictures of Bob Marley, Kurt Cobain, Deborah Harry, John [...]

Attention Columbus: Dayton Visits Ravari Room

Ravari Room in Columbus will be transformed by Dayton metal on Friday, May 1st.  Mouth of the Architect and Kenoma will be joined by Columbus-natives Churches Burn for the event. http://www.myspace.com/churchesburn http://www.myspace.com/kenomafightyou http://www.myspace.com/mouthofthearchitect

Element Launches Power To The Planet Campaign

Element has created the Power To The Planet campaign towards the end of 2008 to raise environmental awareness. For Spring 2009 they have released several sneakers as part of the “Power To The Planet” collection, all produced from bamboo. The outcome is not only environmentally friendly but also looking really nice. The collection includes the [...]

Big Business Make Single Available On iTunes

Big Business have made their single “The Drift” available now through iTunes in support of the band’s new album, Mind the Drift, out May 12th on Hydra Head Records.