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Recessionista: Hanes, Her Way?

The unassailably boring, polyester-hating folks at Hanes have decided to launch a plus-size women’s line that will be carried exclusively at Walmart.  Evil has never looked so homely.

Recessionista: Olsen Twins Produce Something Other Than Their Just Eaten Lunch

This may come as a surprise, but I love JC Penney.  For a long time, I viewed the store as a place solely for buying pantsuits and big hats for church, maybe some ugly loafers. their designer collabs as of late haven’t been all that big-named or any of them a runaway success, but they [...]

Recessionista: Shake Your Assets!

Damn near every celebrity, including people we hate (Oprah) and people we love (Chelsea Handler) have long touted the awesomeness of Spanx shape wear – and I’ll admit, they’re a Godsend.  They’ll also cost you up to $48 a pair, depending on how full-coverage of a piece you’re buying.  Gals realized their great and magical [...]

Recessionista: Resurrection And Cone Shaped Bras

Recessionista Resurrection The Recessionista is back, y’all!  I had to take a leave of absence from my beloved YouIndie to make some extra scratch and pay the bills.  Now that finances are in order, I’ll be shopping more, and shopping hard.  I mean business.     Coming soon to Target: giant cone-shaped bustiers!   Everyone [...]

Recessionista: Thrift Store High Scorin’

I shouldn’t have to tell you that any self-respecting budget-friendly broad (or fella) knows how to scout a thrift store.  Personally, I’m a big fan of vintage and have scored tons of great classic threads in nearly perfect condition in every thrift store I’ve ever set foot in.  The key, obviously, is patience.  Keep in [...]

Recessionista: Please Hammer, Hurt ‘Em

If you’re wondering when I’m going to tell you where you can find deep discounts on this season’s shameful trend of harem pants, you can stop reading now.  This “fashion statement” is nothing more than an abomination and you should be hunted down and bludgeoned for wearing them…unless you’re one of these guys. Watch Hammer [...]

Recessionista: Miley, Max and Super-Mecca-Mart

Apparently Miley Cyrus and Max Azria (of BCBG fame) are teaming up to launch a budget-friendly clothing line for Wal-Mart that shuld drop in August, just in time for back to school.  In case you didn’t know, Wal-mart already touts a dress line by Taylor Swift and a collection of sweater vests by The Jonas [...]

Recessionista: Makeup Freebie Time!

Freebie time!   It’s awesome enough that Sephora lets you pick three free samples with every order, but being on their mailing list garners much sweeter offerings.  Beauty.com  and M.A.C. also have some great discounts happening.  For now, here’s the scoop to score beauty loot!   At Sephora, enter these codes: CRESCENT gets you a [...]

Recessionista: Close Out Freak Out!

All Recessionistas are bonkers for closeout stores, and I’m no exception.  My neighborhood used to house an AJ Wright, which was the lowest on the totem pole of Marshall’s & TJ Max.  Not always great fashion finds, but housewares and Christmas gifts? Score.  Well, that closed about 2 years ago. My next beloved to be [...]

Recessionista: Get MAC’s ZoomLash Mascara Free

Now through Sunday April 12, get free shipping AND a free sample of MAC’s ZoomLash mascara with any order from the http://www.maccosmetics.com website. Just a heads up, I’ve been a loyal MAC customer for years and never, ever heard of them giving away any sort of sample.  However, if you sign up for their mailing [...]