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Album Reviews: Bad Suns, The Jazz June, Manchester Orchestra, Woods and more

Bad Suns Language & Perspective Los Angeles four-piece Bad Suns aren’t the first retro-rockers to land on Vagrant Records as they’ve continued to diversify their catalog away from the emo bread and butter that made the label such a formidable presence in the early 2000s.  Not long ago I was singing the praises of California [...]

T Hardy Morris, Audition Tapes

T Hardy Morris Audition Tapes Known primarily for contributions to Diamond Rugs and as the frontman for Dead Confederate, T. Hardy Morris makes his solo debut with the alt-country tinged Audition Tapes.  Simply, his debut LP sounds like it was written sometime in the ‘70s in Laurel Canyon or perhaps in some long lost collaboration [...]

The Naked And Famous, In Rolling Waves

The Naked And Famous In Rolling Waves Is new wave dance rock making a comeback in 2013?  Tegan and Sara delivered a killer, ‘80s inspired dance record this year, and now The Naked And Famous are follow suit.  If the resulting output is the caliber of T&S’s Heartthrob and TNAF’s In Rolling Waves, count me [...]

Jonathan Rado, Law and Order

Jonathan Rado Law and Order 23-year-old California native Jonathan Rado, exercising a bit of a sabbatical from Foxygen, delivers a trippy, and angelic record deeply anchored to the harmonies of 1960s and ’70s American pop.  There is a melodic buoyancy to his output that leaves the listener wondering whether he recorded Law and Order in his [...]

Mixtapes, Even On The Worst Nights

    Mixtapes, Even On The Worst Nights, No Sleep Records The one catalyst that has kept me a voracious music fan willing to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars of albums, t-shirts, shows for three decades now is the natural high I get when I find a band that makes me laugh, moves me [...]

Generation of Vipers, Howl and Filth

Generation of Vipers, Howl and Filth, Translation Loss Debuting in 2005 with Grace, and producing a steady stream of releases on their Red Witch Recordings imprint, Translation Loss (and Inherent Records) have picked up Generation of Vipers and reissued their  2011 release Howl and Filth.  At first pass, Knoxville, TN’s Generation of Vipers are one [...]

Stop Breathing, Stop Breathing

Stop Breathing, Self-Titled, No Idea Records Just in time for the warm weather comes Stop Breathing’s self-titled debut for No Idea and it’s a remarkable combination of breakneck thrash, punk and hardcore; the perfect soundtrack for this Summer’s skate sessions.  This album is fast, superbly fast, which is perfect for restless listeners (like me).  Just [...]

Toys That Kill, Fambly 42

Toys That Kill, Fambly 42, Recess Records With 12 years under his belt, and a 10+ year run with F.Y.P. before that, it is incredible that Recess Records founder/Toys That Kill mastermind Todd Congelliere is still making 70s and 80s-inspired punk that sound as relevant as ever.  And there will be a lot of elder [...]

Balance and Composure, Acoustic

Balance and Composure, Acoustic, No Sleep Featuring three songs from what was damn near my favorite album of 2011, Separation, Balance and Composure deliver an acoustic EP/7” uncovering an extremely passionate group of songs that translate seamlessly for their unplugged treatments.  Though vocalist Jon Simmons typically delivers the three songs here with a growl and [...]

Struck By Lightning, True Predation

Struck By Lightning, True Predation, Translation Loss While Columbus, Ohio based guitarist/vocalist Gregory Lahm may be perhaps best known for his tenure with Dayton’s Mouth of the Architect, a churning and atmospheric post-metal powerhouse, he is definitely most dangerous as head growler and axeman for Struck By Lightning.  Struck By Lightning’s True Predation (released by [...]