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You Indie Feature: An interview with Jonny Wolf of The Ghost Wolves

(This feature originally appeared in Ghettoblaster Magazine, issue #38.  Pick up issue #39 at a newsstand now.) Carley and Jonny Wolf carry the name The Ghost Wolves proudly and deservedly.  It’s both a symbol of the band’s sound and a nod to Carley’s ranch upbringing among hybrid wolves. As their moniker suggests, this Austin, Texas [...]

You Indie Feature: An interview with Ben Flanagan of Black Map

From day one, the members of San Francisco’s Black Map possessed one common goal. So what united singer and guitarist Ben Flanagan (Trophy Fire), guitar player Mark Engles (Dredg), and drummer Chris Robyn (Far) in 2013? Simply, to create a band that was both heavy and beautiful. They find it on their full-length debut for [...]

Bands on Bands: Brandon Gallagher (Old Wounds) on Every Time I Die’s Hot Damn

As purveyors of vitriolic, no-holds-barred post hardcore, New Jersey’s Old Wounds emerge as champions of the genre. Out September 16 on Good Fight Music, their latest EP,  was produced by Kevin Bernsten (Full of Hell, Mutilation Rites) and mastered by Brad Boatright (Integrity, Modern Life Is War). You Indie recently caught up with Old Wounds drummer Brandon Gallagher to discuss a [...]

You Indie Feature: Arms Race share Brought A Hug To A Gunfight EP

Dayton, Ohio post-rock and emo quartet Arms Race have shared their demo/EP, Brought A Hug To A Gunfight, via Soundcloud here: The band, which includes current members of Kris N, The 1984 Draft, and Giant Defiant, as well as former members of In The Black Hearts of Men, formed in late 2013.  They recorded the [...]

You Indie Feature: An interview with Luke Pate of Frameworks

(This feature originally ran in Ghettoblaster print, issue 38.  Issue 39 hits shelves very soon.) Long recognized as a punk and hardcore mecca, a legacy strengthened by a yearly punk pilgrimage to the area (The Fest), Gainesville, Florida isn’t an unlikely locale for a post hardcore quintet like Frameworks. Being born and bred of that [...]

The End of an Era; Music fans bid farewell to ’90s punk stomping grounds

(This article may or may not have appeared in Antioch College’s The Antiochian alumni magazine.) In late 2013, as a result of a recommendation from the school’s architectural firm MacLachlan, Cornelius and Filoni who have been guiding the institution’s growth and expansion, Antioch College announced the demolition of two buildings on campus.  Among them was [...]

You Indie Feature: Craig Kneale of Twin Atlantic

Almost three years since the release of their debut album Free, which catapulted this Glaswegian four-piece from the clubs to playing sold-out shows for thousands of rabid fans around the world, Twin Atlantic released their second album Great Divide  in Australia on August 15 via Red Bull Records. That much of Great Divide was written late at night, after Twin Atlantic had stepped off yet another [...]

Dot Hacker talks to Sound Check Chat

The Sound Check Chat podcast with Jonathan Hischke of Dot Hacker was released on October 4. The podcast is sponsored by Earthquaker Devices (http://earthquakerdevices.com/). Access the podcast here: http://goo.gl/e0OLXs LA-based band Dot Hacker features perhaps the most accomplished group of collaborators one might ever expect to be working on the same endeavor. The musicians that comprise [...]

From The Horse’s Mouth: Anthony Fusco (Divider) on All Barren

Nearly a decade after its formation, Divider delivers its first full-length album: All Barren. Glory Kid Ltd. will release All Barren on September 23 as a vinyl LP and digital download.  All Barren is Divider’s debut full-length yet the Long Island, New York band has been making records since 2006 – a Kurt Ballou-recorded debut EP and a split with Bone Dance, among others. Through many changes in [...]

You Indie Feature: An interview with Myrkur

Emerging from the darkness of Scandinavia comes one-woman black metal project Myrkur.  Combining the rawness of second wave black metal bands like Ulver and Darkthrone with a natural sonic, ethereal beauty, Myrkur has created a wholly unique perspective on the genre. Hailing from Denmark, Myrkur signed to renowned independent label, Relapse Records, in 2014 and [...]