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You Indie Feature: An interview with Andrew Bryant

For some religion and music are closely intertwined. “I grew up in church and that’s where I first started playing music,” Andrew Bryant shared. “I started playing drums in the church band at about the age of 14 and played for about four or five years, until I left for college. I consider those my [...]

You Indie Feature: An interview with Josh Wessolowski of Sea Cycles

Jacksonville, Florida’s Sea Cycles create picturesque music that is elaborate and ornate; their goal is to create an atmosphere or feeling that stays in the mind’s eye in vivid color. Formed in late 2011 the band began releasing their brand of ambient synth pop via their self-released debut EP What We Came For. After catching the [...]

You Indie Feature: An interview with Jon Kilian and Chris Pierson of Marmot vs. Mammoth

Marmot vs. Mammoth (MvsM) is a band that wears its influences proudly, though those influences are broad and expertly melded, and you may not initially recognize them. Imagine the rosters of stalwart ’90s labels Touch & Go, Dischord, and Swami. Toss in some post-metal and hardcore, followed by AC/DC and Black Sabbath. Oh, and The [...]

You Indie Feature: An interview with Dan Jones and Zach Brower of California X

Released January 13 via Don Giovanni Records, California X’s latest effort both delivers on the promises of their eponymous debut, and dives deeper into influences that draw from ’70s to ’90s guitar heroes. Scuzzy and growling with grunge rock chops, the more mature sophomore effort is heavy, lush, melodic and finds the band postured to [...]

Shred Then Shred: Tom Vanderkam of Hawking

Vancouver-based progressive indie rock band Hawking is an enigmatic and sophisticated band that admittedly still struggles to find its “scene.” Too musically academic for punk rock, but a little too punk for indie sets, the band crafts atmospheric guitar rock that is just different enough to distinguish it from any crowd, but familiar enough to [...]

You Indie Feature: An interview with James Alex of Beach Slang

On “We Are Nothing” from Beach Slang’s 2014 Cheap Thrills On A Dead End Street EP, vocalist/guitarist James Alex sings, “I’m not dumb/I’m figuring out my life/Let it come/The failures are worth the fight.” This heart-on-sleeve confession comes from a songwriter who knows very intimately what he’s talking about. And he’s has dropped his guard [...]

You Indie Feature: An interview with Itarya and Tim Leo of Legendary Divorce

The Philadelphia noise-punk quartet known as Legendary Divorce have released their debut EP.  The Make Me EP is available via CD and digital now via Reptilian Records (Cutthroats 9, Pageninetynine, Fight Amp). Legendary Divorce consists of seasoned vets who served time in such outfits as The Starting Line, Ladder Devils, Wives and The Minor Times.  [...]

You Indie Feature: An interview with Chachy of Round Eye

Round Eye, the experimental freak punk outfit have accrued quite a loud and controversial name for themselves since forming in 2012. The Shanghai based group have shown no mercy nor fatigue in sound development or work ethic and have as of late been a crucial force in bridging a wide gap between the eastern and [...]

You Indie Feature: An interview with Katie Murphy and Jessica Forsythe of Sick of Sarah

“It’s all better on the other side,” guitarist and lead singer Abisha Uhl cries on Anthem, the new EP by Twin Cities rockers Sick of Sarah. And for the band, who are self-releasing their material for the first time, after spending the majority of their decade-long career on Adamant Records, that certainly seems to be true. It’s [...]

You Indie Feature: An interview with Mike and Tim of Hard Left

  Brought together by the music, held together by the outrage — Hard Left are a hard-mod/punk band borne out of a desire to explore leftist political ideas and marry them to rabble-rousing music worthy of the worldwide struggle against capital.  The band members have been involved with punk and DIY music for nearly a [...]