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You Indie Feature: An interview with Jack Duckworth of Radio Berlin

On February 2, 2015, the members of now defunct Canadian post-punk band Radio Berlin, re-issue their three incredible LPs, Sibling, The Selection Drone, and Glass digitally.  These long out-of-print, hard to find records, have never been officially available in digital format before now.  The news seems especially timely considering the band dissolved ten years ago. [...]

You Indie Feature: Daidria Eckels of Revolution Design

A couple of weeks ago our good friend, artist Daidria Eckels opened Revolution Design in downtown Pataskala, Ohio.  The purpose of the business is to turn upcycled, repurposed furniture and other household items into artistic pieces that are ready for a new home and a new life. You Indie recently caught up with Eckels to [...]

Stomping Grounds: Fred Gunn (Hiram-Maxim) on Cleveland, Ohio

From Cleveland, Ohio, new quartet Hiram-Maxim plumbs the darkest depths of psych rock, conjuring an experimental, improvisational death-blues in line with Pink Floyd’s early jams or the creepiest crawlings of Oxbow. Hiram-Maxim is set for a March 3 release on a new label with a new approach to releasing music. Masterminded by graphic designers Eric [...]

You Indie Feature: An interview with John Bradley of Dads

(Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in Ghettoblaster Magazine, issue #39.) The lifesblood of an independent band is dependent on a variety of catalysts.  Perhaps the most prominent of those is whether members of the band possess (or not) an unwavering dedication to touring, and living a largely transient lifestyle.  Dads vocalist and drummer [...]

You Indie Feature: An interview with Josh Goldman of The Raging Nathans

(Editor’s Note: An abridged version of this story appeared in Ghettoblaster Magazine, issue 39.) In many of the funniest and most effective comedies the protagonist’s best friend and comedic foil tells it like it is at the right place and right time.  Done properly, this biting, humorous and truthful commentary can steal the show. Dayton, [...]

Shred Then Shred: Nathan Joyner of Hot Nerds

Hot Nerds pumps out smirking, throbbing synth-punk with a vibe every bit as acidic as that of The Locust or Arab on Radar.  Their forthcoming record, Strategically Placed Bananas (which drops via Three One G on March 10), drips with vitriol and humor in equal doses. Lyrics about anxieties, addictions, and nihilism, delivered via Nathan Joyner’s nasal whine, clash with bouncy hooks and illustrator [...]

You Indie Feature: Levi Benton of Miss May I

  For a young man, just years into his 20s, former Dayton native Levi Benton has a lot on his shoulders. Not only is he facing some of his most formative years as a human being, he’s also spending much of his time in a 24-hour a day job as a public figure, the frontman [...]

From The Horse’s Mouth: Alex Weinhardt (The Black Antler) on 100 Wolves

In mid-2009 a duo of musical veterans from Columbus, Ohio, teamed up to form The Black Antler, a return to their metal and hardcore roots.  And considerable roots they had, guitarist/vocalist Adam Lowe, and drummer Alex Weinhardt cut their teeth in a buttload of celebrated indie and underground bands including Six Gallery, The Phantods, Inept, [...]

Shred Then Shred: Alex Jacobelli of Griever

From San Diego, Griever features vocalist/guitarist Alex Jacobelli and drummer Cory Groenenberg, both members of former Deathwish Inc hardcore punkers Lewd Acts. In Griever, Jacobelli belts out world-weary gruffness and lights up the skies with radiant guitars, while Groenenberg drives forward, steady and straight as a tunnel-borer. Along with guitarist Orlando Ramirez and bassist Wes [...]

You Indie Feature: My 10 favorite Ohio bands/artists of 2014

As a long-time resident of Ohio, one thing I’ve always been proud of is the quality of bands and artists who also call the state their home.  Below is a list of 10, largely unsung, Ohio acts who released fantastic records this year or really impressed me for one reason or another. The 1984 Draft [...]