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Sound Check Chat interviews Hether Fortune of Wax Idols

The 26th Sound Check Chat podcast with Hether Fortune of Wax Idols, is live. The podcast is sponsored by Earthquaker Devices (http://earthquakerdevices.com/), Ghettoblaster Magazine, YouIndie.com and Frame Jump Music Videos.  The podcast is available here: http://goo.gl/ubMstv Wax Idols’ singer-songwriter, Hether Fortune, has experienced a tumultuous few years since her last release. She supported the 2013 album [...]

You Indie Feature: An interview with Laura Pleasants of Kylesa

If it weren’t for the periods of intense confusion, soul-searching and self-reflection that follow experiences of heartbreaking loss, there would be no industry for grief counselors, religious congregations would wane, and beloved art and literature would cease to retain much of its reflective gravity. Unfortunately, for the people that experience these periods, they are a [...]

You Indie Feature: An interview with Kyle Sowash and Dan Bandman of The Kyle Sowashes

Kyle Sowash needs a sense of humor….said no one ever.  While the Columbus, Ohio musician has spent the better part of two decades honing his scrappy pop anthems and earnest ballads, it’s his lyrical whimsy that truly makes his songcraft a pleasurable and nostalgic journey back to the days of mid ‘90s, “golden” era indie [...]

You Indie Feature: An interview with Andrew Clinco of Marriages

As told in New Testament Bible passages, Salome was a daughter of Herod II and Herodias who danced before her parents, lords, high captains and other royalty on the occasion of her father’s birthday. In doing so, Herod gave her the opportunity to request a gift. After consulting with her mother, she called for the [...]

You Indie Feature: Amos Pitsch of Tenement

Four years since the band’s last release, Wisconsin’s Tenement deliver Predatory Headlights, an ambitious, contagiously catchy, 25-song double LP that is already being enthusiastically touted as a contender for record of the year in punk and indie circles. Although Pitsch and his collaborators, bassist Jesse Ponkamo and drummer Eric Mayer, surmounted a treasure trove of [...]

You Indie Feature: Adam Cimino and Matt Jones of Male Gaze

Being caught in a male gaze can be unsettling or welcome, depending on your perspective. In the case of the band who has adopted the appropriate moniker, both are true. With fuzzy power pop, distorted noise and art rock, and spooky goth sensibilities at play, Male Gaze deliver a clamorous racket that is challenging to [...]

You Indie Feature: An Interview with Mike Hansen of Pentimento

In art, a pentimento is an alteration in a painting, evidence that the artist has changed his or her mind during the creative process – a bit like a do-over. And while the untrained eye might not notice this alteration, the artist is keenly aware of its existence, physical proof that great art takes course-correction, [...]

You Indie Feature: An interview with Joe Dennis and Jamie Stillman of The Party of Helicopters

It is hard for me to put into words the impact that Party of Helicopters had on me in the ’90s and ’00s. Comprised of members of Kent and Akron area bands Harriet The Spy, The Man I Fell In Love With and others, the band was a noisy punk tour-de-force with metal and shoegaze [...]

You Indie Feature: An interview with Josh Berwanger of Berwanger

Josh Berwanger is a rock and roll lifer; first making a name for himself as guitarist for The Anniversary, then putting together The Only Children in the wake of The Anniversary’s Fleetwood Mac-style breakup. These days he fronts his own rock act, Berwanger. The band will release their latest in December, a six-song EP (via [...]

You Indie Feature: An interview with John Jagos of Brothertiger

John Jagos, better known by his stage name, Brothertiger, is a Brooklyn based solo electronic musician and producer. He first took on the moniker in 2009, still a sophomore at Ohio University, with the release of the Vision Tunnels EP. Vision Tunnels received significant exposure from sites like No Fear of Pop and Pitchfork and [...]