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From The Horse’s Mouth: Alex Weinhardt (The Black Antler) on 100 Wolves

In mid-2009 a duo of musical veterans from Columbus, Ohio, teamed up to form The Black Antler, a return to their metal and hardcore roots.  And considerable roots they had, guitarist/vocalist Adam Lowe, and drummer Alex Weinhardt cut their teeth in a buttload of celebrated indie and underground bands including Six Gallery, The Phantods, Inept, [...]

Shred Then Shred: Alex Jacobelli of Griever

From San Diego, Griever features vocalist/guitarist Alex Jacobelli and drummer Cory Groenenberg, both members of former Deathwish Inc hardcore punkers Lewd Acts. In Griever, Jacobelli belts out world-weary gruffness and lights up the skies with radiant guitars, while Groenenberg drives forward, steady and straight as a tunnel-borer. Along with guitarist Orlando Ramirez and bassist Wes [...]

You Indie Feature: My 10 favorite Ohio bands/artists of 2014

As a long-time resident of Ohio, one thing I’ve always been proud of is the quality of bands and artists who also call the state their home.  Below is a list of 10, largely unsung, Ohio acts who released fantastic records this year or really impressed me for one reason or another. The 1984 Draft [...]

You Indie Feature: Midwestern Conference Apparel

Midwestern Conference is a project, launched by three friends who all shared a common idea of home…the elegant, non-coastal MIDWEST.  Based on the love of times shared with family and friends, their Midwestern Conference apparel line is built on the simple themes of hardwork, pride and family.As friends and partners, they knew that they wanted [...]

From The Horse’s Mouth: Chris Feigh (Remainders) on Fine Exits EP

Pittsburgh, PA band Remainders use their melodic punk to conjure up the genre’s sometimes lost perception of fun. Forming the band in 2014, guitarist Dan Delucia, guitarist/vocals Karim Akacem, vocals/bassist Chris Feigh and drummer Tim Little cultivate a driving and hook-packed sound. Combining that sound with songs whose lyrics deal in the frustrations, disappointments, and [...]

You Indie Feature: An interview with Greg Dulli of The Afghan Whigs

(Editor’s Note: This feature was originally published in Ghettoblaster Magazine issue #38.  Issue #39 is on newsstands now.) Though The Afghan Whigs frontman Greg Dulli long denied that the powerful rock band would ever reunite in an official capacity, long time Whigs fans kept fingers crossed, holding out hope that Dulli’s occasional gigs with John [...]

You Indie Feature: An interview with Jonny Wolf of The Ghost Wolves

(This feature originally appeared in Ghettoblaster Magazine, issue #38.  Pick up issue #39 at a newsstand now.) Carley and Jonny Wolf carry the name The Ghost Wolves proudly and deservedly.  It’s both a symbol of the band’s sound and a nod to Carley’s ranch upbringing among hybrid wolves. As their moniker suggests, this Austin, Texas [...]

You Indie Feature: An interview with Ben Flanagan of Black Map

From day one, the members of San Francisco’s Black Map possessed one common goal. So what united singer and guitarist Ben Flanagan (Trophy Fire), guitar player Mark Engles (Dredg), and drummer Chris Robyn (Far) in 2013? Simply, to create a band that was both heavy and beautiful. They find it on their full-length debut for [...]

Bands on Bands: Brandon Gallagher (Old Wounds) on Every Time I Die’s Hot Damn

As purveyors of vitriolic, no-holds-barred post hardcore, New Jersey’s Old Wounds emerge as champions of the genre. Out September 16 on Good Fight Music, their latest EP,  was produced by Kevin Bernsten (Full of Hell, Mutilation Rites) and mastered by Brad Boatright (Integrity, Modern Life Is War). You Indie recently caught up with Old Wounds drummer Brandon Gallagher to discuss a [...]

You Indie Feature: Arms Race share Brought A Hug To A Gunfight EP

Dayton, Ohio post-rock and emo quartet Arms Race have shared their demo/EP, Brought A Hug To A Gunfight, via Soundcloud here: The band, which includes current members of Kris N, The 1984 Draft, and Giant Defiant, as well as former members of In The Black Hearts of Men, formed in late 2013.  They recorded the [...]