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Top 10 of 2013: Peeps from Orbweaver, Soreption, Thrawsunblat, Immortal Bird

Randy Piro of Orbweaver Miami psychedelic noise conjurers, Orbweaver released Strange Transmissions from the Neuralnomicon EP, a five-track mind eraser that was recorded at Miami’s Pinecrust Studios with Jonathan Nunez of Torche at the controls and mixed/mastered with Brian Elliot at Mana Recording Studios (Hate Eternal, Cannibal Corpse, Goatwhore, Exhumed), earlier this year. The band’s [...]

Top 10 of 2013: Dudes from Abigail Williams, Call of the Void, Clan Destine Records, Dragged Into Sunlight, and Gigan

Ken Sorceron of Abigail Williams Los Angeles’ black metal purveyors Abigail Williams has suffered near constant lineup changes during their almost 10-year-long run.  But vocalist Ken Sorceron has weathered the storm, becoming the only original member of the outfit.  Performing a purist black metal sound, their third full-length album, Becoming, was widely celebrated amidst headbangers [...]

Top 10 of 2013: Dudes from Armed for Apocalypse, Ghoul, Skeletonwitch, Eyehategod, Corrections House, The Everymen

Cayle Hunter of Armed for Apocalypse Armed for Apocalypse came from nowhere and nothing. The sludgy four-piece from the small Northern California college town of Chico have worked relentlessly to leave their imprint on metal. Through tours across Europe, around the states and up and down the West Coast, they’ve continued to spread their name [...]

Top 10 of 2013: Dudes from Brainbow, Fine Steps, Kris N., Oh Condor and Swim Diver

Chris Worth of Brainbow At one time, Columbus Ohio’s Brainbow was the city’s premiere post-rock, instrumental band.  The group delivered slow-moving, acid-damaged guitar jams and wordless psychedelia that split the difference between Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd, Earth, and Explosions In The Sky. Though they’d been basically non-functioning for two years, the band finally unveiled a [...]

Top Ten of 2013: Allison Weiss, Avant!, Hierophant, Psychopathic Records, Test of Time

Allison Weiss Brooklyn based indie-rock artist Allison Weiss, a former back-up singer for Lou Reed (RIP), who has been making serious waves with her emotional, pop-infused rock, is set to release Say What You Mean (Sideways Sessions) on November 26 via No Sleep Records.  This tops off a successful year for Weiss who spent the [...]

Top Ten of 2013: Dudes from Alpha & Omega, Converge, Lazer/Wolf, Touché Amoré, and United Nations

Luis Hernandez of Alpha & Omega In July, Alpha & Omega’s juggernaut second full-length album dropped via Bridge Nine.  Drawing from the influence of hardcore mainstays such as Cro Mags and Integrity as well as crossover and metal like Crowbar and Metallica, the resulting sound is one that is 100 percent their own.  No Rest, [...]

Top 10 of 2013: Dudes from Wreck and Reference, BoySetsFire, Holy Fever, Backtrack, Destroy This Place

Felix Skinner of Wreck and Reference Sacramento/LA duo Wreck and Reference, a band comprised of  drummer Ignat Frege and multi-instrumentalist Felix Skinner, make dark, experimental music that is both cathartic and uncompromising.  It is filthy, harsh, and wonderful.  The duo’s debut Black Cassette EP initially caught the attention of SF imprint The Flenser and the [...]