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Shred Then Shred: Tom Vanderkam of Hawking

Vancouver-based progressive indie rock band Hawking is an enigmatic and sophisticated band that admittedly still struggles to find its “scene.” Too musically academic for punk rock, but a little too punk for indie sets, the band crafts atmospheric guitar rock that is just different enough to distinguish it from any crowd, but familiar enough to [...]

Shred Then Shred: Mike Keller of Meek Is Murder

Meek Is Murder has announced the May 5th release of its third full-length album: Onward/Into the Sun.   As Noisey’s Brad Cohan warns, it’s a “face-ripping sonic assault of dizzying riffage and bloody-throated screamoidness… Damaged-era Black Flag in a car crash with metallic hardcore merchants Botch.” Comprised of guitarist/vocalist Mike Keller (ex-The Red Chord), drummer Frank Godla (also of Enabler), and [...]

Shred Then Shred: Dylan Fujioka of Upsilon Acrux

  New Atlantis Records announced the April 14 release of Sun Square Dialect, the seventh full-length album by LA’s Upsilon Acrux.  Founded by guitarist Paul Lai almost two decades ago, the ever-morphing Upsilon Acrux has been described by Thurston Moore as “amazing” and by Nels Cline as “some off the most detailed compositions I have ever heard.” Inspired [...]

Shred Then Shred: Nathan Joyner of Hot Nerds

Hot Nerds pumps out smirking, throbbing synth-punk with a vibe every bit as acidic as that of The Locust or Arab on Radar.  Their forthcoming record, Strategically Placed Bananas (which drops via Three One G on March 10), drips with vitriol and humor in equal doses. Lyrics about anxieties, addictions, and nihilism, delivered via Nathan Joyner’s nasal whine, clash with bouncy hooks and illustrator [...]

Shred Then Shred: Alex Jacobelli of Griever

From San Diego, Griever features vocalist/guitarist Alex Jacobelli and drummer Cory Groenenberg, both members of former Deathwish Inc hardcore punkers Lewd Acts. In Griever, Jacobelli belts out world-weary gruffness and lights up the skies with radiant guitars, while Groenenberg drives forward, steady and straight as a tunnel-borer. Along with guitarist Orlando Ramirez and bassist Wes [...]

Shred Then Shred: Fynn Claus Grabke (The Picturebooks)

It’s not surprising that The Picturebooks recorded their 2014 album, Imaginary Horse [RidingEasy Records], in the same garage where they regularly refurbish and repair motorcycles and choppers. The German duo—Fynn Claus Grabke [vocals, guitar] and Philipp Mirtschink [drums]—capture a raw, rich, and real energy befitting of the room’s natural reverb, industrial aura, and spiritual spark. [...]

Shred Then Shred: Justin Ward and Carson Mitchell (Dirty Lungs)

Over the past seven years, Dirty Lungs’ brand of lo-fi rock ‘n roll has become as intrinsic to the Birmingham, Alabama community.  Though the city’s musical landscape has changed dramatically Since Ra-Jaan Parmley and Carson Mitchell formed the band in 2006, Dirty Lungs are still standing–and they’re just as gritty and focused as ever. Several [...]

Shred Then Shred: Marcos Gossi and Richard Garcia of Vetter Kids

Texas’ Vetter Kids are set to release EP 3 May 20 via Texas Is Funny Records. 3 is the follow up to the well received split single with label mates Glish and Young///Savage. Vetter Kids emerged from San Antonio and Austin, TX’s dynamic punk scenes having played in Sohns, Yes Inferno, and Brother/Ghost before joining [...]

Shred Then Shred: Cameron Miller of SEIZURES

SEIZURES is a five-piece hardcore band from Orange County, CA whose sound can best be described as controlled chaos.  Pulling influence from late ’90s and early ’00s metallic hardcore and combining that with their own mathy, experimental twist a la Botch and Converge, they are a force to be reckoned with. Their live performances, often taking [...]

Shred Then Shred: John Riley of Police and Theives

Police and Thieves are a band that produce a punk sound that is simultaneously nostalgic, yet distinctly their own. The Washington, DC band carries the figurative musical torch for the city’s scene by having demonstrated a continuous commitment to DIY ethics and socio-political discontent. We at You Indie also happen to know that guitarist John [...]