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From The Horse’s Mouth: Taylor Iversen (Abrams) on Lust. Love. Loss

Denver trio Abrams release their debut album Lust. Love. Loss., on June 16. Described as “Post-hardcore, filtered through big Melvins-esque guitar rigs… Abrams find the sweet spot on their independent debut, Lust. Love. Loss., about midway between Hot Snakes and Blood Mountain-era Mastodon, and toss in some great lyrics as well.” Lust. Love. Loss. was [...]

From The Horse’s Mouth: Julia Steiner (Ratboys) on AOID

Hailing from Chicago and its South Suburbs, and coming soon to you, the members of Ratboys have no qualms scurrying through the streets to meet up and make music. What started out as a spacey, acoustic two-piece playing secret shows in dorm rooms, has morphed into a post-country foursome that simply cannot deny the power [...]

From The Horse’s Mouth: Peter Koronios (The Black Atlas) on Devils

The Black Atlas released his debut EP, The Other, the first in a series of EP’s titled The Equinox, showcasing ”brooding, dark, beautiful sounds.”(Diffuser.fm)  The second installment, Devils, is set for release this summer and continues to “lead you into the inner recesses of your mind to heal the scars and dance the night away.” (The Drainage)  Central figure/vocalist/instrumentalist, Peter Koronios, a drummer by [...]

From The Horse’s Mouth: Nick Warchol (Royal Psalms) on I Could Have Been Anything EP

Brooklyn, NY’s Royal Psalms have released their Rise Records debut EP, I Could Have Been Anything on iTunes. The band features former Daytrader guitarist Gary Cioni, Crime In Stereo bassist Eric Fairchild, Aficionado vocalist Nick Warchol and drummer Joseph Ruotolo. Ghettoblaster recently caught up with Warchol to discuss the record. This is what he told us. How does [...]

From The Horse’s Mouth: Ryan Baca (Wake Up Lucid) on Gone With The Night

On their upcoming fourth release Gone With The Night, Los Angeles gutter rock trio Wake Up Lucid puts it simply: “Give us something real, something we can feel. Or get fucked.” This statement resounds as both rejection of fakery and pursuit of honest music, which have remained Wake Up Lucid’s only guidelines for writing and performing throughout the [...]

From The Horse’s Mouth: Alex Weinhardt (The Black Antler) on 100 Wolves

In mid-2009 a duo of musical veterans from Columbus, Ohio, teamed up to form The Black Antler, a return to their metal and hardcore roots.  And considerable roots they had, guitarist/vocalist Adam Lowe, and drummer Alex Weinhardt cut their teeth in a buttload of celebrated indie and underground bands including Six Gallery, The Phantods, Inept, [...]

From The Horse’s Mouth: Chris Feigh (Remainders) on Fine Exits EP

Pittsburgh, PA band Remainders use their melodic punk to conjure up the genre’s sometimes lost perception of fun. Forming the band in 2014, guitarist Dan Delucia, guitarist/vocals Karim Akacem, vocals/bassist Chris Feigh and drummer Tim Little cultivate a driving and hook-packed sound. Combining that sound with songs whose lyrics deal in the frustrations, disappointments, and [...]

From The Horse’s Mouth: Anthony Fusco (Divider) on All Barren

Nearly a decade after its formation, Divider delivers its first full-length album: All Barren. Glory Kid Ltd. will release All Barren on September 23 as a vinyl LP and digital download.  All Barren is Divider’s debut full-length yet the Long Island, New York band has been making records since 2006 – a Kurt Ballou-recorded debut EP and a split with Bone Dance, among others. Through many changes in [...]

From The Horse’s Mouth: Andrew Low (The Jazz June) on After The Earthquake

Revered indie rock outfit The Jazz June is set to drop their first new studio LP in over 12 years, After The Earthquake, on November 11 via Topshelf Records. The LP was recorded with producer Evan Weiss (Into It. Over It.) at Gradwell House this past spring, with Steve Poponi (Young Statues) engineering/mixing and Dave [...]

From The Horse’s Mouth: Derek Zanetti (The Homeless Gospel Choir) on I Used To Be So Young

Pittsburgh’s indie folk-punk act The Homeless Gospel Choir, a one man band consisting of outspoken singer-songwriter Derek Zanetti, has released its new album, I Used To Be So Young, via A-F Records. The Homeless Gospel Choir is the Woody Guthrie of the post-hope / pre-apocalypse world that we live in today. He’s personally charged to [...]