You Indie Feature: An interview with John Bell of Widespread Panic

Widespread Panic

Widespread Panic

For almost 30 years, Widespread Panic has been known for their improvisational style, which is built around their compelling narratives and run a gamut of sounds from southern blues to progressive rock and jazz. With 2016 marking three decades since forming their original line-up in 1986, the band have a 12th studio album under their belts in the recent Street Dogs, and a hunger to continue performing for their loyal fanbase around the world.

On May 1, the innovative rock band stops by Huber Heights during their spring tour and YouIndie caught up with vocalist, guitarist John Bell to discuss their career and the new album.

After 30 years I imagine you’ve learned some lasting lessons about your career.

If you want to keep doing it, and doing it with people you like, stay optimistic, work hard and don’t be mean. With travelling about you encounter all kinds of different people, and at times different cultures, and it’s nice because you get to see yourself a little more clearly when you are constantly in the company of different kinds of folks. If you want to get along, you learn how to do that.

Is the pursuit of your craft as rewarding for you now as it was in the early days?

Yeah, I would say it is. I guess it is fulfilling in different ways. Gosh, when we first started out we were just happy to have a point of focus and a sense of adventure. We were off on this adventure that was kind of make-believe. We didn’t know if we’d be able to sustain ourselves or our creativity or live off of what we were doing or remain together. Now it’s kind of an exercise or a discipline, but it does fulfil your creative impulses, it fulfils your sense of camaraderie, and for me there’s a spiritual nature to it. If you go on stage for three or four hours a night you are holding your focus for that long and it is a pretty neat discipline.

I imagine it is a test in endurance sometimes too…

Sometimes. We know what we’re doing. We rarely tire ourselves out. It is longer than most people play, but we don’t combine that with a marathon evening of partying like would have been the norm in our youth.

What were you hoping to accomplish with Street Dogs?

You start getting an itch to do another studio album, so that’s basically what you want to do. We were trying to put another new collection of songs together and to have that create a comprehensive work. With this particular project we were focused on creating and atmosphere and approach that would maintain and retain any of the happy surprises that come with knowing a song well enough, but not knowing it so well that it doesn’t present new possibilities while you play it. And that is tricky.

We wrote the songs, arranged the songs, talked about the arrangement, agreed on the arrangement and then we would become familiar with it by playing it. By the fourth time around you’d hit a place where you were familiar enough with the song to hit all of the changes with confidence, but it was so fresh and new still that there was a sense of playfulness and discovery. That’s what we were trying to capture. Our aim was to facilitate that mood by doing as few overdubs as possible.

And we were all there in the studio from noon to midnight each day. We didn’t want to sterilize the process. It was our decision to all hang in there together. I really dig that approach. There were a lot of surprises, we kept them and I think it sounds really fresh.

Is there a charity element associated with your upcoming tour?

There is a food drive aspect, which we encourage and we make a system available for people to make donations of food or cash to the local food banks in the cities that we play. The hip thing was that it was created by the fans while they were in the parking lot waiting for the show to begin. They created a group called Panic Fans For Food and it grew into a pretty serious little entity and we decided that we wanted to support those efforts. They guy who spearheaded that went on to work in a food bank in North Carolina in the administration. He created a career for himself, so they left that in our hands.

We try to keep it all about the music, but hunger is not politically oriented so…no one should feel obligated, but the people that do involve themselves in that…there’s another instance of the collective coming together and it happens to be our friends and fans.

What are some things that are still on your short list of items you’d like to accomplish with the band in the future?

I don’t know…just to keep the situation in a place where we are having fun and feel like it is feeding our souls to some degree.

Widespread Panic perform on Sunday, May 1 at the Rose Music Center in Huber Heights at 7:00 pm.  Tickets range in price from $23.50 to $57 (ticket prices are subject to Ticketmaster fees, parking fees and day of the show increase). Visit them at

Elvis Depressedly ready LP for Run For Cover, tour (2016)

Elvis Depressedly is Mathew Cothran and Delaney Mills. Mathew and Delaney live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. They will release the holo pleasures / california dreamin’ LP on Run For Cover Records on June 3, 2016, which is both a re-issue of their 2013 holo pleasures EP and a new EP of unreleased material on the B-side, california dreamin’. Tiny Mix Tapes is streaming a new track titled “slip” from the california dreamin’ side of the LP today, saying ““slip” does what a track by Elvis Depressedly does best: thoughtful melodies and strong songwriting.”

Listen to “slip”

holo pleasures is a 12 minute cult favorite EP amongst the DIY scene and has spawned many bands from its sulky muddled influence. 2015′s New Alhambra displayed a fully texturized shift toward brightly melancholic noise-pop, inspired by Cotheran’s influences and unsung heroes such as The Waterboys, Prefab Spout and Emperor X.

The duo will tour the UK for the first time in June, following considerable demand for a visit for some time now. All tour dates can be found below. Pre-order for holo pleasures / california dreamin’ is available now via the Run For Cover webstore.

UK Tour Dates:
6/08 – London @ Moth Club
6/09 – Southampton @ Joiners
6/12 – Brighton @ Green Door Store
6/13 – Bristol @ Crofters Rights
6/14 – Leeds @ Temple of Boom
6/15 – Manchester @ Aatma
6/16 – Glasgow @ Audio
6/17 – Birmingham @ Sunflower Lounge

Look Mexico to release third full-length via Tiny Engines

Tiny Engines welcomed Look Mexico back into the fold in 2013 as the band celebrated their 10 year anniversary. In 2008, Tiny Engines’ very first release was Look Mexico’s Gasp Asp 7″. And eight years later the label and band are excited to announce the long awaited third full-length. The LP, entitled Uniola, is officially out 6/24/16 and will be the band’s first release since 2011′s Real Americans Spear It EP on Adeline Records. Pre-Orders for Uniola are now live.

You can check out the first new song from Look Mexico in close to five years right now. The first single from Uniola, “We Are Groot.” is premiering exclusively on Spin.

Look Mexico steadily built a cult status on the backs of endless touring and early releases like 2007′s classic This Is Animal Music LP and the following Gasp Asp EP, influencing countless other bands who would follow. After a whirlwind few years shuffling between cities and labels the band would slow things down after 2011′s Real American Spear It. But, listening to Uniola you get the feeling that perhaps that was the best thing for the band. Through marriage, kids and life in general, Look Mexico has slowly crafted a mature album that speaks to growing older and wiser yet still unmistakably captures the essence of the band. The album manages to build upon the magic of those earlier releases while adding a newfound soulful depth to the band’s songwriting. Four years in the making, Uniola proves that good things come to those who wait.

You can listen to the band’s full catalog on Bandcamp.

Lovitt Records to release New Myths by The Mercury Program

New Myths is the fifth full-length by The Mercury Program. It includes six songs and willl be released on LP and digital download on May 20 by Lovitt Records.

Formed in Gainesville, Florida in 1997, The Mercury Program released music on Boxcar, Tiger Style, and Kindercore Records and toured heavily through the early ’00s. Now split between distant locales – with members spread between New York, Gainesville, and Palm City – the band has become slightly hiatus-prone as of late. The quartet’s previous LP, Chez Viking, arrived seven years ago, in 2009. Another multi-year break divided that record from its predecessor, A Data Learn The Language. Meanwhile, shifting obligations have made it harder to occupy the same room, much less write and record new material.

However, even though their time together has become more rarified, the band has retained its distinctive style and voice. As per Mercury Program’s previous releases, the music on New Myths is lush and consonant – a combination of nuanced rhythms, minimalist riffs, and hazy atmospheres. Melodies are gracefully swapped and shuffled between guitar, vibraphone, and rhodes piano. The music is serene and often hypnotic.

New Myths was written and recorded during five distraction-free days spent in Northwest Vermont with the band’s friend and touring sound engineer, Peter Bartsocas. Sketches from previous sessions were further refined and new songs quickly took form. The band emerged from the trip with a nearly complete set of songs, with only “Constant Static” realized later, as drummer Dave LeBleu wove together and expanded on snippets of unfinished material.

The record is the product of a week’s worth of studio time, but many years worth of thought and planning. It reflects The Mercury Program’s current state of operation – keeping a slow pace, but always moving forward.

Martha shares “Goldman’s Detective Agency”

Martha, who played a Glastonbury appearance last year at the personal invitation of Billy Bragg, have released a new track and details on their upcoming album….

Listen: “Goldman’s Detective Agency”

Martha return with their second album Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart on July 8, via Dirtnap Records (U.S.) and Fortuna POP! (UK/EU). Produced again by MJ from Hookworms, the album explores the difficulties in staying political, staying passionate and staying punk over the course of eleven expertly crafted pop songs.

Hailing from Pity Me near Durham, Martha play energetic, impassioned power pop with intricate vocal interplay and lush four-part harmonies, informed by 90s indie rock and contemporary garage punk. The band is comprised of J. Cairns (guitar), Daniel Ellis (guitar), Naomi Griffin (bass), and Nathan Stephens Griffin (drums). All four members sing and write the songs. Daniel and Nathan also play in Onsind, while Naomi also plays in No Ditching. Their debut album “Courting Strong” came out in 2014 and was included in NPR’s top 50 albums of that year, winning them the epithet “One of Britain’s best rock bands”.

If the band’s first album, Courting Strong, was about punks growing up, then Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart is about grown-ups staying punk. It’s an album about trying to stay creative and passionate and making the most of everything in spite of the many obstacles that get in the way. It documents the way things like work, money, expectations and mental health issues can impact on your ability to do the things you want to do and be the person you want to be. It’s about resistance to those things. It’s about finding strength and solace in friendships, love, and taking motivation from the people in your life who really inspire you.

As Nathan explains: “Playing music is something that is really important to all of us, but it’s also something that takes a lot of time and energy and emotional strain. This record is for everyone who leads a secret double life, devoting every weekend, every day of annual leave, all of their disposable income, every drop of creative energy to something as ethereal as music and art. It’s about persevering and still doing the things you love, even when most normal people can’t understand why on earth you do it.”

Taking inspiration from such likely and unlikely sources as The Replacements, Heart, Billy Bragg, Thin Lizzy, Cheap Trick, The Go-Gos and Radiator Hospital, the album bursts into life with “Christine”, “a love song filtered through the messiness of anxiety and night terror” that takes inspiration from “Threads”, the British TV drama of the 1980s about nuclear war, and is followed by the rousing “Chekhov’s Hangnail”, with backing vocals from Ellis Jones of Trust Fund.

The catchy “Precarious (The Supermarket Song)” finds romance in the washing powder aisle, while “Goldman’s Detective Agency” shows the band’s playful side as they re-imagine 19th century anarchist Emma Goldman as a private eye vanquishing corrupt cops and politicians. Nearly every song here is a potential single, from the infectious “Do Whatever” and “11:45, Legless In Brandon” to outsider anthem “The Awkward Ones” and the Billy Bragg / Coronation Street-referencing “Curly and Raquel”. The album concludes with “St Paul’s (Westerberg Comprehensive)”, a song about being caught up in the toxic culture of a Catholic comprehensive school. “It’s for the kids who had the guts to be queer at school and for those who didn’t figure themselves out until they got out of school. ”

Following a Glastonbury appearance last year at the personal invitation of Billy Bragg, the band will be playing UK dates in July and August before taking to the stage at End Of The Road in September. It’s going to be a busy old time for the band, what with double lives and everything, but, with passion and love dripping out of every second of Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart, you know they’ll find a way.

BURN to release From the Ashes, tour (2016)

Legendary hardcore band BURN have returned with their first recorded output since 2001’s Cleanse LP.  Titled From the Ashes, this three-song EP will be released July 15 on Bridge Nine Records and is in its entirety on Noisey.

BURN vocalist Chaka Malik commented on the EP:  ”BURN has so much left to share that it was inevitable that we would regroup at some point in time. With the flames stoked high in our personal lives, the intensity and passion that makes us who we are as a band needs to come to light once again.”

BURN originally formed in 1989 and released their debut, self-titled EP in 1990 on Revelation Records.  In 1992 the band separated, with vocalist Chaka Malik forming Orange 9mm.  The band never officially disbanded, and after a stint of live performances they re-formed and released a new EP Cleanse in 2001 on Equal Vision Records.  BURN once again separated for a number of years, but returned to the stage last year for the Black N Blue Bowl in NYC.  They’ve played a number of shows since, most recently with BANE, and will continue to tour through April and May in advance of their From the Ashes EP release July 15th, 2016.

More news soon.  For now, pre-order the From the Ashes EP from the B9Store and catch BURN on the road.

April 27  Lichtenstein, Germany @ Juz Riot
April 28  Saarlouis, Germany @ Jus Saarlouis
April 29 Schweinfurt, Germany @ Alter Stattbahnhof
April 30  Meerhout, Belgium @ Groezrock Fest
May 1 Berlin, Germany @ S036
May 2  London, UK @ The Old Blue Last
May 27-29  Seattle, WA @ Rain Fest
August 4-7  Philadelphia, PA @ This is Hardcore Fest
August 12-14  Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade (The Wrecking Ball)

Forced Perspective Documentary gives closer look at artist Derek Hess

Renowned Cleveland-based artist Derek Hess has tested the waters of both the music and art world for over 20 years. Recognized internationally for his poster work with bands such as Pantera, Pink Floyd and Pearl Jam, as well as being featured brands like MTV, Vh1 and TLC, Hess’ art has been featured everywhere from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to the infamous Louvre in Paris.

After enriching the art and music world with his intricate and emotive drawing-based-art for over a decade, Derek Hess has finally translated his medium to film by way of his new documentary, Forced Perspective. This intimate self-portrait was directed by filmmaker Nick Cavalier and has already won awards at the Cleveland International Film Festival, the Beverly Hills Film Festival and many others. Forced Perspective isn’t just your average docu-story or even a biopic, but rather a journey through Hess’ struggle with alcoholism and bipolar disorder and how these demons affect his artwork. This exploration presents a voyeur into Hess’ personal life, revealing his process and philosophy. Forced Perspective showcases the evolution of a celebrated artist and his effect on music and culture while highlighting the link between creativity and mental illness.

Today, Forced Perspective is available for purchase via IndieMerch in DVD and BluRay formats, as well as for download and streaming On Demand via Vimeo. IndieMerch has several physical packages available, including signed limited edition posters, a 125-page Forced Perspectivecompanion book, limited edition silk-screen prints, and more. In addition to the full-length film, the DVD/BluRay includes deleted scenes, a film premiere Q&A, behind-the-scenes footage, teaser vignettes, trailers, and more.

In celebration the release, two exclusive film teaser vignettes are available for viewing now – one via Inked Magazine and another via These particular selections explore the connections between mental health, fine-tuned consciousness and artistic expression.

Derek Hess first drew attention to his art by creating posters to advertise the bands he booked at Cleveland’s Euclid Tavern. Posters for bands such as Helmet, Cop Shoot Cop, Jesus Lizard and Soul Coughing attracted people to the growing underground music scene in Cleveland while gaining Hess notoriety all over the world for his artwork.

In the early 2000′s, Hess began holding concerts in Cleveland named Strhessfest where Hess’ favorite bands would play such as Clutch, Converge, Every Time I Die, Unearth and Stretch Arm Strong. The bands were mostly hardcore and metal bands, both local and national, whose songs had the same subject matter as Hess’ art: dark tones, heartbreak and depression. Strhessfest eventually expanded into Strhess Tour and lasted five years, touring both the US and Europe with bands such as Shadows Fall, As I lay Dying, Thursday, Bleeding Through and Poison The Well.

“Forced Perspective offers incredible insight into the life of Clevelander Derek Hess and his struggles with addiction and bipolar disorder. Nick Cavalier’s presentation of the world-renowned artist’s life and his work is visually stunning and engaging – while digging into the complicated issues that many people face.”

- Patrick Shepherd, Cleveland International Film Festival

“I met Derek Hess on the Victory Tour, I believe it was in March of that year. Cold and snowy, the show got moved to his art gallery and it was a great show, made some new friends. He’s had such an important role in music with his art. So many great metal covers and hardcore bands. Designed a shirt for us and every day I walk out of my room and see his painting he gave me a long time ago. Good guy, that Derek Hess – great artist.  This documentary is filmed beautifully and also gave me a dark, emotional feeling. It captures the true Derek we know and appreciate. And how his struggles with addiction and life affected me in my own struggle. I think we all grew up with flyers and shows and he was a big part of that for the Cleveland scene.”

- Eddie Reyes, Taking Back Sunday

“Nick Cavalier’s study on Derek Hess is an affirmation for people stirred by the underdog spirit. You don’t need to be a rarefied art scholar or a street-elite music fan to feel for Hess’ failures and triumphs. The only people who won’t enjoy this film are the ones who prefer their culture served to them on a stick.”

- Jason Pettigrew, Alternative Press Magazine

“Forced Perspective is raw. It is emotional. It tells of Derek’s story and struggles, as well as the stories of those who connect with his art. This film has given me a new perspective on Derek’s work. As a person who also struggles with mental illness I am able to connect on a very personal level. As a fellow artist I am empowered to dig deeper into my own psyche to deliver something more. This film boldly tells the story of what it is like for an artist to create, deliver, maintain and continue on despite the darkness and the pressure of fame. As I am sure Derek could affirm, the struggle to be loved can be harder than the struggle to be known. This film will touch many and I look forward to seeing the impact.”

-Amy Bleuel, Project Semi Colon


Official Selection – 2015 SXSW Excellence in title design

World Premier – Local Heroes Award – 2015 Cleveland International Film Festival

Best Cinematography Award – 2015 Beverly Hills Film Festival

Official Selection – 2015 Indy Film Fest

Official Selection – 2015 Blue Whiskey Independent Film Festival

Best Documentary Award – 2015 Kingston Film Festival

Best Feature Film Award – 2015 Reel Indie Film Fest

Best Art Documentary Feature Award – 2015 Atlanta Docufest


Directed & Edited By: Nick Cavalier

Produced By: Martin Geramita

Executive Producers: Chris Rentner, Evan Hareras & Beau Miller

Cinematography By: John Pope & Sergio Salgado

Titles And Color By: Coat Of Arms

Location Sound Mix By: Ben Stockton

Post Sound Mix By: Chuck Bein (See Music)

Original Music By: Matthew Santos, Chihsuan Yang, Joel Coan, Dustin Currier & LT Magnotto

Additional Music By: The Felix Culpa, Thereafter, Chris Zabriskie

Distributed By Gravitas Ventures:

Learn More about Forced Perspective:



Learn More about DEREK HESS:



Tiny Moving Parts ready LP for Triple Crown, tour (2016)

Minnesota’s Tiny Moving Parts released a new track “Common Cold” from their upcoming LP on Triple Crown Records, titled Celebrate, out May 20, 2016. The track, which features Conor Murphy of Foxing, premiered on the AV Club who said the new song proves “Tiny Moving Parts may have become more restrained, but it hasn’t given up any of its grand ambitions.” Celebrate is available for pre-order via Triple Crown Records and through Big Scary Monsters in Europe and the UK. Album art and full track list can be seen below.

Listen to “Common Cold”:

Tiny Moving Parts will embark on a full U.S. headlining tour this summer with support from Prawn and Free Throw, as well as a fall European tour with Fall of Troy (all dates below). Tickets for all headlining dates are on-sale now.

Tiny Moving Parts drew attention with the release of their debut LP This Couch Is Long & Full of Friendship in 2013 on Kind of Like Records, eventually signing to Triple Crown Records in 2014, who released their second LP Pleasant Living later that year. For Celebrate, the band headed back into the studio with Greg Lindholm who recorded This Couch Is Long & Full of Friendship, and the result is a record that is complex, dynamic and shows a band all grown up. “Celebrate is really about optimism. Things get stressful throughout life, and you just need to stay positive or you’ll destroy yourself,” explains guitarist/vocalist Dylan Mattheisen. The album was mixed by Vince Ratti (Circa Survive, The Wonder Years, Title Fight) and mastered by Sarah Register (Andrew WK, Brand New, Sia).

Mattheisen has played in Tiny Moving Parts with his cousins, brothers Matthew Chevalier and Billy Chevalier since junior high school, and their tight, mathy post hardcore-pop punk combination shows their skills in spades. Their live show is frenetic, and their musical prowess is impressive – the complexity of their songs makes it difficult to believe there are only three of them onstage.

Tiny Moving Parts Tour Dates:
5/19 – Fargo, ND @ The Aquarium*
5/20 – Minneapolis, MN @ 7th Street Entry*
5/21 – Dekalb, IL @ House Cafe*
5/22 – Des Moines, IA @ Vaudeville Mews*
5/24 – Indianapolis, IN @ Hoosier Dome*
5/25 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Smiling Moose*
5/26 – Cleveland, OH @ Mahall’s*
5/27 – Toronto, ON @ Sneaky Dee’s*
5/28 – Howell, MI @ Bled Fest*
5/29 – Columbus, OH @ Double Happiness*
5/31 – Buffalo, NY @ The Waiting Room*
6/01 – Boston, MA @ Middle East Upstairs*
6/02 – New York, NY @ Studio at Webster Hall*
6/03 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Foundry*
6/04 – Washington DC @ DC9*
6/05 – Richmond, VA @ The Camel*
6/07 – Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506*
6/08 – Jacksonville, FL @ 1904 Music Hall*
6/09 – Tampa, FL @ Epic Problem*
6/10 – Orlando, FL @ Backbooth*
6/11 – Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade – Purgatory*
6/13 – Dallas, TX @ The RBC*
6/14 – Austin, TX @ Mohawk*
6/16 – Phoenix, AZ @ The Rebel Lounge*
6/17 – San Diego, CA @ Che Cafe*
6/18 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo*
6/19 – Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction*
6/20 – San Francisco, CA @ Bottom Of The Hill*
6/22 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court*
6/23 – Denver, CO @ Hi Dive*
6/24 – Lawrence, KS @ Jackpot Music Hall*
6/25 – Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen*
6/26 – St. Louis, MO @ Firebird*
8/27 – Antwerp, Belgium @ Kavka#
8/28 – Eindhoven, Netherlands @ Dynamo#
8/29 – Bochum, Germany @ Rockpalast#
8/30 – Cologne, Germany @ Essigfabrik#
8/31 – Hamburg, Germany @ Logo#
9/01 – Copenhagen, Denmark @ Vega#
9/02 – Berlin, Germany @ Bi Nuu#
9/03 – Munich, Germany @ Backstage#
9/04 – Nuremberg, Germany @ Hirsch#
9/05 – Vienna, Austria @ B72#
9/06 – Modena, Italy @ La Tenda#
9/07 – Baden, Switzerland @ Werrk#
9/08 – Paris, France @ Backstage By The Mill#
9/09 – Nottingham, UK @ Rescue Rooms#
9/10 – Leeds, UK @ The Key Club#
9/11 – Glasgow, UK @ Cathouse#
9/13 – Newcastle, UK @ Think Tank#
9/14 – London, UK @ Scala#
9/15 – Bristol, UK @ The Fleece#
9/16 – Manchester, UK @ Soundcontrol#
9/17 -Birmingham, UK @ Asylum#

* = w/ Prawn, Free Throw
# = w/ Fall of Troy

Male Gaze ready King Leer, share “Lesser Demons”

Weirdo-punk supergroup Male Gaze is back with nine new chunks of octave-pedal abuse and sultry croons with King Leer, their first proper long-player. This time around, the trio of Matt Jones (ex-Blasted Canyons), Mark Kaiser (ex-Mayyors), and Adam Cimino (ex-The Mall) have added former Blasted Canyons and Tiaras member Adam Finken on second guitar and resident Castle Face engineer Chris Woodhouse behind the boards to ramp up the skuzz-pop of last year’s Gale Maze into brutal wall-of-sound territory. On King Leer, the boys toy with their poppier side, dosing the songs with syrupy melodies and some newfound heartfelt introspection, but they’re by no means going soft on us—these tracks, buried beneath mountains of fuzz and pounded out with Adderall-fueled fury, pack enough sonic punch to rattle your brain loose.

The first track “Lesser Demons” has premiered via Impose, who say, “‘Lesser Demons’ feels especially clean for these guys, but it’s intense, with wayward guitar lines wrapping around an insistent drumbeat and pulling back only to make room for Jones’s voice. Plays on words like the pairing ‘I’m wearing you down / wearing your crown’ at the blast of the chorus are at once flippant and dark; Male Gaze are letting a seriousness and edge show along with their most melodic side.”

King Leer is out 6/17/2016 via Castle Face Records.

Aesop Rock streams new album, tours (2016)

Aesop Rock just shared a full video stream of his new album The Impossible Kid (out this Friday on Rhymesayers). The album, his first solo record in four years, is incredible on its own; it’s been paired here with a shot-by-shot recreation of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining… in miniature. Check it out for a true singular experience.

It premiered in conjunction with an interview about the album at Noisey:

Or watch/listen on YouTube:

Aesop’s tour with Rob Sonic (with support from Homeboy Sandman) kicks off next week. Tickets can be found here ( and full dates below:

5/5 – Bellingham, WA – Wild Buffalo

5/6 – Seattle, WA – Neumos

5/7 – Portland, OR – Wonder Ballroom

5/9 – San Francisco, CA – The Fillmore

5/10 – Santa Cruz, CA – The Catalyst

5/12 – Los Angeles, CA – The Novo

5/13 – Solana Beach, CA – Belly Up

5/15 – Phoenix, AZ – Crescent Ballroom

5/16 – Tucson, AZ – Club Congress

5/18 – Las Vegas, NV – Fremont Country Club

5/20 – Albuquerque, NM – Sunshine Theater

5/21 – Durango, CO – Animas City Theatre

5/23 – Denver, CO – Cervantes

5/24 – Ft Collins, CO – Aggie Theatre

6/2- Madison, WI – Majestic Theatre

6/3 – Chicago, IL – Metro

6/4 – Grand Rapids, MI – Pyramid Scheme

6/6 – Pontiac, MI – The Crofoot

6/7 – Cleveland, OH – Grog Shop

6/8 – Columbus, OH – A&R Music Bar

6/10 – Pittsburgh, PA – Rex Theater

6/11 – Philadelphia, PA – Union Transfer

6/13 – New York, NY – Irving Plaza

6/15 – Portland, ME – Port City Music Hall

6/16 – Burlington, VT – Higher Ground

6/17 – Boston, MA – Paradise Rock Club

6/27 – Richmond, VA – The National

6/28 – Washington, DC – 930 Club

6/29 – Carrboro, NC – Cat’s Cradle

7/1 – Charlotte, NC – Visualite

7/2 – Knoxville, TN – The International

7/3 – Atlanta, GA – The Loft

7/5 – Orlando, FL – The Social

7/6 – Ft Lauderdale, FL – Revolution

7/8 – St Petersburg, FL – State Theatre

7/10 – Pensacola, FL – Vinyl Music Hall

7/11 – Baton Rouge, LA – Varsity Theatre

7/13 – San Antonio, TX – Paper Tiger

7/14 – Dallas, TX - Trees

Preorder The Impossible Kid here